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Building A Wellness Mindset: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Jul 16, 2009 - 11:42:24 AM

Over  time, we all build constricting habits and behaviors that serve to keep us boxed in and trapped in a zone of so called comfort, which is well below our true potential.  This cozy zone eventually formulates our thinking patterns; sculpting what we perceive as possible and creating limits based on the imaginary confinement that we’ve built around ourselves.   

And while some people are willing to make small adjustments here and there, the majority of folk, do everything they can to ensure that they never venture too far from port (the zone).  This is true when it comes to what they eat, the routes they take, they TV shows they watch; but this is even more so when it comes to the level of care and attention paid to their overall state of wellness.  

It’s accepted that after a few start/stop diets or exercise regiments, people quit and settle back into their comfort zone, where things are nice and familiar.  Oddly enough, they’re willing to invest the time and resources on their replaceable possessions, but seem to lack the motivation and discipline to care for the one body, one mind that they will ever possess.  

This ‘outside in’ model that most people seem to be working support the concept of diligently expending resources on fashion and upkeep gear because they are presumed to give them a so called ‘edge’.  But while this may be a popular fad, rest assured that without inner wellness, any outer edge is of no real value; it’s deluded fashion frenzy that keeps people focused on their outer rather than their inner appeal. 

Wellness is not about weight loss, diet, exercise or nutrition alone; wellness ‘ integrates mind, body and spirit with a balance flow of energy’.  It is not something that you begin to plan at your 40th or 60th birthday; rather it’s choice that you make everyday - to intentionally develop a wellness mindset.  

Final Thought…

Yes, your quest for change will create some discomfort.  But the bottom line is, choosing to stay in a comfort zone that no longer supports your intentions is a choice that you make, whether you are aware of it or not.   

Change of course is not easy but it is essential.  People resist change, even when it can save their life, simply because people don’t feel safe changing.  There is something emotionally soothing about the familiar, which keeps us safely stuck even when we know that change is not only critical but inevitable.  

One great writer puts it well – ‘ when we are emotionally committed to familiar ideas our brain learn to ignore factual material that contradicts our own perceptions; for the most part what we believe is what we see and what we see is what we believe.”  

To effectively discard your comfort zone, change is needed at the mindset level.  In the beginning leaving this zone will be uncomfortable; but if your current habits and behavior no longer serve the person that you are trying to become, you must step out of the zone of comfort and step into the zone of wellness.  

Remember – you alone are the sculptor of your clay; and the present state of your body, mind and spirit are the result of the choices that you alone have made.  Nonetheless, the power is within you to shift your perception of what is possible and create a new reality of wellness from the inside out.   

Get up and make something incredible happen.  

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Michelle M. Miller is a certified Life-Coach and Stress Management Consultant.  She is the Principal Coach of the Coaching Studio, which located in the Jovan Plaza, Madeira Street.  Questions or comments can be sent to P.O. Box CB-13060 – email – or telephone 429-6770.  

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