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Obstacle or Opportunity; What Do You See?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Jul 20, 2009 - 3:45:56 PM

In an environment overrun by fear and frustration, you may be unable to consider the thought that there are countless opportunities right beneath the surface of your challenges.  As such, many settle for a small life, filled with discontent; fearfully assured that this abundant universe is actually without provision to sustain their well-being.  

It is this nugget of negative thinking that begins the domino effect of low energy; which fuels low productivity and poor performance on the personal, professional and business level.  

This should incite you to analyze your thinking pattern; a process to be undertaken with much consideration.  As your thoughts are the bricks with which you build your life; which later become the slabs with which we collectively build our society.   

Contrary to popular belief, nation building is not about bricks and mortar; it’s about building people, one mind at a time.   

Small Shift Makes Big Change  

A small shift can make big things happen; but you must be willing to shift at the mindset level, which few are prepared to do.   

It is sad, that despite the opportunities embedded within our Bahama Islands, the mindset of the majority seems laced with fear rather than faith; where messages of hope and possibility are exchanged in favor of servings anguish and despair.  

Little do we understand that steady negative discourse slowly shapes who we are becoming; a society of fearful citizenry, held in bondage by the limitation of their thinking.  

Now this may mean very little to those who have concluded that we are in the last days of this world coming to a close. But on behalf of those souls of tomorrow, who are anxiously waiting their chance to embrace the opportunity of life, I say that we owe it to them to design a bigger vision of possibility, which impels them towards even greater achievements.  

Unless we take the time to reconcile our thoughts and build ourselves from the inside out, we will continue to discover the many obstacles that we seem so diligently seeking to find.  

Shifting from pessimism to optimism enables you to discover the many opportunities that are right before your eyes.  

Final thoughts…  

When I consider the magnitude and majesty this universe; which is boundless and endless, I wonder how it is that so many have given up on the substance of life.  I’ve concluded that this sense of powerlessness is not the result of people being without power; rather it’s the result of them being without understanding.   

What fascinates me about the human mind is its infinite capacity to think, learn and grow.  With this understanding, I know that there is nothing to fear; as the kingdom is within, waiting to be brought into expression.   

Therefore, I cannot begin to imagine a world, where even the tiniest insect has all that it needs, but you and I, made in the image and likeness of the creator, could go unsupported by life.  Such a world I cannot imagine.  

Now you may say that I’m too optimistic and these are supposedly ‘the last days’; where poverty and limitation replace wealth and abundance.  But again I say that such a small, shriveled world I cannot begin to imagine.  

You see, my optimism is rooted in a different kind of forecast, which declares that we are made from the best stuff on earth.  It reminds us that obstacles are merely the wrapping paper in which opportunities are presented.  

This is the world that I know; this is the world that I see. And now it’s your turn - what world do you imagine, what world do you see?  

Remember - whether you choose obstacle or opportunity, you will receive, encounter or discover whatever you see (k).  

Michelle M. Miller is a certified Life-Coach and Stress Management Consultant.  She is the Principal Coach of the Coaching Studio, which located on Madeira Street, Palmdale.  Questions or comments can be sent to P.O. Box CB-13060 – email – or telephone 242-429-6770.  

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