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The Power is in the Decision!
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Jan 27, 2009 - 9:14:23 AM

While there may be many who have decided to go along with the highly touted depressed economy, I encourage you to keep your mind on the prosperity side of life, rather than the scarcity side.


Whether you are experiencing challenges or not, you do not need a personal economic crisis to decide to adopt new habits and make better decisions for your life.   Why not choose consistent self-improvement miles ahead of the game?   Effectively managing unforeseen challenges means that you are focused on the future, not on the past.


Think about it, the majority of folks sit back, wait for stuff to happen, become filled with anxiety; as such they react rather than respond.   This is a clear sign of a lack of preparation.   People seem no more prepared for challenges than they are for opportunity.

Making a decision is a powerful starting point; the first decision is deciding to be prepared.



Decision-making is where your greatest power exists. Everything that you see is the result of someone making the decision to do it.


How Do You Decide?


New challenges require you to make some new decisions.   But you may be wondering how do you begin to decide?   Decision making is not for the light-hearted, it requires courage and unwavering faith.   You must also be prepared to accept that some of your decisions may not always bring the results that you desire; but they must still be made.  


When it comes to making a decision, embrace a calm state of mind and weigh out the pros and cons.   Look at the situation from a broader perspective; try to encompass the bigger picture.   Cross roads such as this, are the perfect opportunity for you to consider the gift having Personal Coaching.   Recognize that you cannot see the picture, when you are in the frame.


Having a Coach to bounce ideas off and gain  more clarity is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself; particularly when facing big decisions about how you will move your life forward.


Final thoughts…


No matter what you desire to change or improve, deciding to do it will probably the hardest part.   While this may seem a daunting task, your life is the sum of all of the decisions that you make or fail to make.


The bottom line is everything that you say and do is the end result your decisions.   The question you must ask yourself is will you embrace the power in making decisions and make them consciously?    


As always, the power is in your hands and you can decide right now to make something better happen.  


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