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What Is Your Word Worth?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Dec 8, 2008 - 9:20:22 AM

The old saying that ‘my word is my bond’ is a powerful affirmation that builds confidence and helps you to become a reliable individual.


But the frustration of material pursuit, cause many to pay little attention to their words; dispensing them frivolously without regard. Most have adopted the attitude to ‘fake it until they make it’; saying whatever they need to say or what they think people want to hear.


While this approach may appear successful, when you look beyond the surface it yields a hollow experience.   Because whether you know it or not, your words are the bricks with which you build your life.


If you are enduring any sense of dissatisfaction, you need only trace the tracks of the words you have uttered and analyze the degree to which you have honored them.


Honoring Your Word Takes Heart


Building self-confidence and trustworthiness begins with holding yourself accountable to what you say.


Disregarding your word not only adversely affects those relying on you; but it also depletes your own self-value, as your word loses its worth.


Realize that you cannot separate yourself from yourself, you are a whole person and every part of you is intricately connected to the next; your words are no exception.  


As a man thinks and therefore speaks, so is he in his heart.   The words that leave your lips go forth as agents of your life

and they become the negotiator of the experiences that you enjoy or endure.


Be true to your word; not only to avoid disappointing others but more so because of your own personal value of what your words are worth to you.


Giving your word means giving your intention to honor what you say; however if you are unable or unwilling to keep your word for whatever reason, you must find the courage to respectfully withdraw them and or resubmit them another time.


Do not leave your words dangling without the honor and respect that they deserve.


Final Thoughts…


Keeping your word is a valuable discipline that tremendously adds to your personal success.   This not only refers to the words of promise that you give to others; but particularly the words of intention that you give to yourself.


Take a look at the many words for self- improvement that are uttered on a regular basis; the promise to lose weight, eat healthier, reduce debt, be more courteous, build better relationships, quit smoking or start savings etc., are all words that have essentially become empty, due to the lack of honor and commitment to see them through.


Remember - your words are the seeds of your thoughts and whether you believe it or not, they are the architect of your life; building you up or tearing you down.


Today, recalculate what your word is worth and make the commitment to make something better happen.


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