A Taste Of The Bahamas
A sneak peek at Matrimonio alle Bahamas, filmed
By Craig Woods, Bahamas Film Commissioner
Aug 15, 2007 - 9:30:37 AM


Matrimonio alle Bahamas is an Italian independent film shot in Miami 4 days, Exuma 20 days and Italy about 4 weeks, including post production. "Marriage in The Bahamas," is the English translation, is the story about a not-so-rich Italian girl who falls in love with a very rich American young man. They plan to marry, but there are objections from both families.  The plot evolves into a crescendo of mishaps between the two families, as both do all they can to protect their loved ones.

This romantic comedy stars one of Italy's finest comedic actors, Massimo Boldi.  He isjoined by Anne Marie Babera and Enzo Salvi. The director is Claudio Risi, is joined by top producer, Giuseppe Giglietti. The film will be released in November, 2007 to impact the Italian Christmas Holiday season, there will also be limited releases in Spain, France and some Latin American countries.






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