A Taste Of The Bahamas
(VIDEO) Bahamas Film Challenge featuring Crooked Island - Armchair Critics' Award - Kevin Curtis for 'Grandpa's Quest'
By Robbin Whachell, Editor, The Bahamas Weekly
Apr 17, 2010 - 4:53:21 PM

The Bahamas UK Tourist Office campaign, called the 14 Islands Film Challenge,was a six-month competition to find 14 aspiring and professional film-makers in the UK to send to the Bahamas and write, shoot, edit, and produce and direct 14 films on 14 of the Islands of The Bahamas.

'Grandpa's Quest' by Kevin Curtis is my favourite! True story-telling genius which weaves in the many assets of Crooked Island.

In this wonderful family tale, 'grandpa' tells his grandchildren the story of how he was given favour to begin dating their grandmother. It was no easy task!

The film features music by Bruce 'Scrappy' Knowles, Tommy Thompson, and Reggie Moss; and incidental music by Jason Chatwin.

The film stars: Javen Gibson, Fr. Franklyn Colebrooke, Bernard Ferguson, Tynesha Collie, Creselle Rose, Eltesha McKinney, Julian Laing, Chinyere Rollie and Tommy Thompson.

The film-maker thanks: Clinton Scavella, Robbie Gibson, Elton 'Shakey' McKinney, C & S Car Rentals, Joshua Smith, Mrs. Ivy Daxon.

Special thanks went to Bernard & Daphne Ferguson, and D'Angelo 'Kirk' Knowles

The film is owned by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

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