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Bahamian actress debuts her crocheted line, "Late Bloomer"
By Robbin Whachell, Editor, The Bahamas Weekly
Jul 13, 2012 - 3:47:37 PM

For baby too. Crocheted dresses for little ones and older. Photo: Patrick Robinson

Nassau, Bahamas - Leah Eneas has already made an name for herself as a Bahamian actress, and now she is certain to prove herself in the world of fashion, through the art of crocheting. This year, Eneas launched her company and line under the same name, "Late Bloomer".  She just held a showcase at Compass Point which was very well received.

One might think that yarn could be a bit warm for The Bahamas, but the looser the weave the more air that flows through it. Eneas's designs are functional, some are sexy as they cling to the body, and all are great for island life.  Her styles come in a myriad of yarn colours from vibrant tropical, to solids or blended-colours.  One of her most unique pieces is her crocheted umbrellas. The recent show featured one in soft beige and the other in Bahamian colours. They make a perfect sun break, but allow the air to flow through.

The Bahamas Weekly caught up with Leah and asked her about her new focus:

Why crocheting?

My Grandmother, Muriel Eneas, used to crochet all of her Grandchildren afghans when they were born and as I grew up, I remember her making me sweaters and all sorts of things. I begged her to teach me when I was about seven years old, but she told me I was too young. I think that she thought I would lose interest, but i asked her again when I was eight, and again when I was nine. She finally gave in and taught me. I learned in one day.

Another unique crocheted umbrella by Late Bloomer. Photo: Patrick Robinson

What inspired your business, Late Bloomers?

I have very little money to go shopping for clothes so I made most of what I needed to wear. I would wear the clothes I made and eventually people asked me "how much"?  I didn't even imagine that someone would want to buy what I made. I started, out of sheer surprise, and decided to continue it as a business.

Your title "Late Bloomers"?

I got the name because I, myself, am a Late Bloomer. I was late to develop physically. I think I hit puberty at age 27. I am very serious about that too. I also think I am late in many areas, like career and making a family, etc. most of my peers have already started their families and at my age, I'm late.

What is your mission with your new business?

My mission right now is to reach out to new clients and spread the word at the moment. I would like to participate in more fashion shows and expand my clothing to men's wear. I would like to eventually become the designer with a team of people that can crochet to execute my designs so as to reach a larger audience. I would also love to make evening gowns and eventually go into abstract clothing and couture.

The ultra-unique crocheted Bahamian coloured umbrella. Photo: Patrick Robinson

Are you faced with any challenges?

Of course! Funds for materials is always challenging as well as finding certain materials. I have to travel or order materials online. Ordering materials online is very tricky as I would prefer to feel and see the materials with my own eyes before I buy it.

How can people contact you?

People can email me at and call me on my cell at 242.455.0125. They can find me on twitter under the name @latebloomer1982. They can join my fanpage, Leah Eneas on Facebook as well.

Please give us some words about your first fashion event?

The show was wonderful. I was VERY nervous. I had about eleven models that ranged from age 6 months to 28 years.  My models were Amina Eneas, Shaune Culmer, Jolanda Carey, Nakita Brown, Rayshanda Bain, Jackeline Aranda, Melnecheck, Shyloh Wilkinson, Maia Bodie, Ava Turnquest, and Sheba Farquharson. They all did a wonderful job and the show was very straight forward, and was followed up with a question and answer period. People stayed behind to take pictures of the models and mingle.

Anything else you want to share?

In addition to making clothing, I make beach bags, clutch purses, coats, sweaters, lingerie, wall hangings, different types of nonfunctional art etc... I'm also working on a winter line for 2012.

All photos by Patrick Robinson

Styles for any age. Eneas makes bags as well. Photo: Patrick Robinson

Guests of the recent debut of Late Bloomer at Compass Point, Nassau. SLIDE SHOW Photos: Patrick Robinson

Creator of Late Bloomer in one of her own designs, Actress/ artist, Leah Eneas


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