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Noella Smith’s Exhibition ‘Reflections’ opens on July 18
By Pamela Burnside
Jul 4, 2018 - 4:05:31 PM

Noella Smith

Doongalik Studios announces the Wednesday, July 18 opening of a new exhibition entitled “Reflections” by Noella Smith consisting of almost 40 abstract paintings that the self-taught artist has been working on for a period of years which are a reflection of her past experiences.

“I find art to be an expressive, reflective activity which relaxes me and allows me to transfer my feelings onto paper,” stated the artist. “I began drawing and painting as a hobby for my own benefit, but since I have developed this body of work over the years, I was encouraged to mount an exhibition for the public to enjoy as well. This will be my first formal exhibition at Doongalik, encouraged by the positive feedback I have received from the gallery and other artists who have viewed my work.”

Pam Burnside, owner of Doongalik, expressed her pleasure in hosting the Exhibition. “I met Sister Noella for the first time last year and was excited to see the level of her work. There are not many Bahamians who are abstract artists, so I wanted to expose and promote her art to the public.”

Passages by Noella Smith

Noella Lanora Smith was born on a quaint and beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas.  After attending the Convent School and the All Age Public School, the Principal Mr. Patrick J. Bethel advised her mother, Nurse Rosa Sada Johnson to take her to Nassau to attend Aquinas College.  It was there she was able to nurture her artistic as well as her academic gifts.  During those years she was very much involved in church activities that led her at the age of seventeen to enter a life of service. This led her to the next phase of her life which was calm and quiet.  She eventually moved on to other interests. 

Presently she serves as a Benedictine Oblate of Saint Martin Monastery and enjoys the freedom which accompanies retirement.  God has always and remains the centre of her life from which she draws her guiding principles.

The artist extends sincere thanks to her great grandmother, mother, other relatives, the Benedictine Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery. Part of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Saint Martin Monastery.

Gallery hours are Monday-Wednesday 10am – 4pm. The exhibition will be on display until early August. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Gallery at 394-1886 or by email at
Free At Last by Noella Smith

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