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Bahamas Fashion hits Facebook
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Sep 4, 2016 - 12:01:42 AM


With Fashion being one of our top draws for hits to our website, The Bahamas Weekly has launched our " Bahamas Fashion" Facebook page, as an extension of sharing bits and pieces, and our stories, inspired by fashion in The Bahamas.

If you are a fashionista that loves Facebook, then be sure to not only LIKE our new page, but flag it for every update!

Expect to see the latest in local fashions, designer features, and meet the Bahamian models that make it all look good!

Check out our Facebook Bahamas Fashion page, HERE.

And, just who are some of our local designers?

Well we've got:

Theodore Elyett
David Rolle
Anthea Bullard
Cardell McClam
Brynda Knowles
Harl Taylor BAG
Javotte Bethel
Phylicia Ellis
Leah Eneas
The Rich
Chevette Williamson
Indira Moss
Navado Dawkins
Jeff St. John
Apryl Burrows
Kathy Pinder
Patrice Lockhart
Esther Cooper

If we've missed someone please write,

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