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Designer Javotte Bethel honours Bahamian women through fashion explosion
By Anthony Smith
Jan 2, 2015 - 3:52:14 PM

Themed upon the country's national flower, The Yellow Elder Designs by Javotte Bethel (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Nassau, Bahamas - On December 21st
Javotte House of Couture and Events of a Lifetime put on an inspiring event  to honour 10 distinguished Bahamian women at the Melia ballroom.  The red carpet entrance with a step-and-repeat backdrop transported those arriving to what could have been the New York or Paris fashion scene as photos were snapped for posterity.

Supporters from all sectors of Bahamian society were out in their fashion finest. The theme of the inaugural evening was celebrating the Legacy of Bahamian women, which carried throughout the entire fashion show that followed. The voice of radio personality, Stacy Marshall led audience through the various transitions of the evening. Special tribute was given to the ten female honourees from various sectors of society including religious, civic and political as they received their official plaques and gifts.

Honourees were: Mrs. Bernadette Christie, wife of the Prime Minister;
Pastor Ruth Munroe ( posthumously), Bahamas Faith Ministries International; Elder Minalee Hanchell, Great Commission Ministries International; The Hon. Melanie Griffin, Minister of Social Services and Community Development MP; Sen. The Hon. Sharon Wilson, President of the Senate; The Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner, MP for Long Island; Apostle Lee Watson, Trinity Assembly “City of Praise”; Minister Helen McPhee, Agape Church, Designer Rachel Turnquest-Garcia; and Minister Francina Bethell, Everlasting Life Baptist Church.

Phyllis Albury-Garraway, was the official presenter for the evening and Julien Believe opened the fashion show with a medley of his fan favourites. He rocked the crowd with an entourage of talented dancers that led into the first fashion scene by international guest designer Marisol Zapata-Higgs and her exotic “Aquarelle” swimsuit collection.

Yellow glory... The incomparable designs by Javotte Bethel (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Next video footage featuring Javotte Bethell was screened. Bethel shared her vision for the concept of the evening and inspiration behind her collection. Bethel's designs where shown next and the show began to mesmerizing music  as a model in a fitted bright yellow dress emerging out of a flower petal immediately recognized as the yellow elder, the country's national flower. Incredible designer garments followed in the same colour theme and scheme.

The dainty dance of the western Indian bird next prepared the audience for extraordinary evening gowns designed around the pink flamingo theme.  Outfits then appeared in gold and metallic, with futuristic (and colonial) gowns, dresses, and suits crossed the runway.  The audience was in awe of the creativity presented by the local designer who has proven that she has an exceptional gift and an international flair.

Closing out the unforgettable night was soloist Candice Bostwick who performed her rendition of the Our Father prayer. The majestic voice captivated the room and was the perfect way to bring the show to a close, as winged models gracefully walked tip to tip showcasing the angel Gabrielle, as well as other biblical winged symbols and individuals. Beautiful models floated down the runway with feathers, and long trailing trains of thick and sheer fabrics.

No, this was no Victoria Secret show, certainly nothing like it.  “Everything was made possible through Christ," said Bethel, "He guided me and my team” which consisted of Anthony Smith, Project Manager and Marketing Consultant, and Otalia Whylly , Project Administrator.

Events of a Lifetime expressed gratitude to companies that supported the event such as Commonwealth Fabrics; E-Blast; Print Masters; 100 Jamz; Les Johnson; Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture; Lady Patrice Ellis; The Nassau Guardian; The Tribune; and They also wish to thank the models; entertainers; family and friends that stepped in to offer in-kind support and to ensure that the show was a resounding success.

"It's really important that corporate Bahamas and others realize that we need to have an alliance of efforts made in the arts, fashion and entertainment community," said Javotte Bethel. "With all that is going on in the country, I was very happy to have the support of Mrs. Bernadette Christie, and all of our honourees."

Part proceeds from the event will go to REACH Organization, an promotes awareness for kids with Autism.

Ethereal designs by Javotte Bethel (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

The international designs of Javotte Bethel (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Inspired by the Yellow Elder... (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Inspired by the Pink Flamingo - The Bahamas National Bird... (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Inspired by the Pink Flamingo (Photos by CJ Cromwell)

Black feathered creation by Javotte Bethel (Photo by CJ Cromwell)

Javotte Bethel takes in the applause at the close of an amazing show (Photo by CJ Cromwell)

Designer Javotte Bethel (Photo by CJ Cromwell)

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