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By Mackey Media Ltd
Oct 11, 2018 - 12:42:19 PM


Now's the time to preserve your special memories on digital media before it's too late! In addition to advertising services, Mackey Media Ltd located at The Insurance Management Building Freeport, also provides audio and video restoration and archival services. So if you're frustrated with being unable to conveniently view your old VHS, HI8 or MiniDV tapes we can transfer them to DVD, Flash drive, hard drive, prepare them for your portable devices and even upload them to the Internet for you.

If you're stuck having to listen to your favorite music or spoken word on vinyl record, cassette, reel to reel, DAT or even 8-track tape, Mackey Media Ltd can transfer your prized audio to CD or removable media (hard drive/ flash drive). We can also prepare your audio for playback on your portable mobile device (Ipod, Ipad or cellphone).

Remember too that your old tapes have a finite life span; either they break or the oxide eventually wears off rendering them unplayable. Records are inconvenient to play; most young people have never even seen a record or record player before!

Mackey Media is here to help. Contact us today before it's too late at (242) 352 - 2988 or email You can also visit us at the Insurance Management Building downtown Freeport.

CD and DVD bulk duplication services are also available for original material. So whether you require one copy or 1,000, we can do it all for you at wholesale prices.

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