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Bahamas Affidavit of Singlehood: A Requirement for Getting Married in the Bahamas
By Glenn S. Ferguson
Feb 7, 2014 - 5:56:06 AM

I'm Glenn Ferguson your Bahamas wedding officiant and wedding planner at Bahamas Destination wedding with another spotlight on destination weddings in the Bahamas.

If you are planning a wedding in the Bahamas and single then you need to know about a Bahamas Affidavit of Single-hood.

While the requirements for getting married in the Bahamas is not as stringent as other destination wedding locations. And the process is really simple and does not take a lot of time,  if you are planning on having your wedding in the Bahamas as your official wedding there are some formalities that must be satisfied.

One of these is verifying your eligibility for marriage by your marital status and if you are single you do this with a Bahamas affidavit of single-hood that is sworn before a Bahamas Justice of the Peace or any person in the Bahamas authorized to take oaths including Notary Public. As this affidavit of single-hood must accompany your Bahamas marriage license application.

So if you are getting married in the Bahamas call me Glenn Ferguson, Bahamas wedding officiant at 1-(242)-327-2453 to let us help you to easily satisfy your Bahamas affidavit of single-hood requirement with our Bahamas Justice of the Peace and Priority Bahamas Marriage License Application services.

Looking forward to talking with you soon about planning your wedding in the Bahamas.


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