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Your Bahamas Beach Wedding
By Glenn S. Ferguson
Sep 21, 2014 - 12:44:06 PM

Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson your wedding and Event planner in the Bahamas. With another spotlight on destination weddings in the Bahamas.  Today we are featuring Bahamas beach wedding and talking about wedding on a public beach in the Bahamas.

It may surprise you to learn that all beaches in the Bahamas are public beaches and should have public access but this sometimes a challenge especially in Nassau and Paradise Island where most of beaches are adjacent to hotels and resorts and you may have to get permission from the resort if there is no public access.

But with over 5,000 beaches in the Bahamas you should have no problem having a wedding on a public beach in the Bahamas.  And accessing the beaches for a wedding in the Bahamas is Free and in most cases a permit is not required.

Check out the video of couples having their wedding on beaches in the Bahamas and all of these are wedding on a Public beach in the Bahamas.

So if you are dreaming of having your wedding on world’s best beaches, with calm, turquoise waters that is considered the clearest in the world and sinking your toes in pure powdery white and pink sands then you are dreaming of wedding on a public beach in the Bahamas.

Call Glenn Ferguson, Wedding planner in the Bahamas at 1-(242)-327-2453 to help you make make dream Bahamas beach wedding a reality on a public beach in the Bahamas. And email any questions you may have about weddings in the Bahamas to


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