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(VIDEO) Wedding Ideas to Cut the Cost of a Wedding
By Glenn S. Ferguson
Mar 7, 2011 - 12:57:49 PM

Given that the average costs of a wedding could set you back more than $25,000.00 here are some wedding ideas that will help you cut the cost of a wedding.

One of the best things you can do to cut the cost of a wedding is to have it during the wedding “off season”

You see there are certain times of the year when it is fashionable to get married and because of this the cost of having a wedding is much higher.

So by simply having a wedding at another time will allow you to negotiate for savings with wedding vendors such as banquet caterer and photographers during their slow business period.

Secondly, make your wedding an intimate affair.

One of the biggest expense of a wedding is usually the reception and the events surrounding it. So by simply reducing the number of guest that will be attending your wedding  to close family and friends will help you to cut the cost of wedding as you will now have less person to prepare for.

Another wedding idea that will help you cut the cost of a wedding is to consider having your wedding at the same time as a friend.

So that you can both share the cost for some of the wedding services that you will need.


You will amazed at how you can cut the cost of wedding flowers and reception if you just share those two cost with a friend.

And it may not be a bad idea to even have a joint wedding, the choice is really yours.

A wedding dress is usually one of the most expensive purchase of a wedding. 

And the surprising thing is that you can easily cut the cost of a wedding dress by choosing to have it made from a much cheaper fabric.

And designers have these cheaper fabric available so just ask for it and you can cut you wedding dress cost by a much as two thirds.

And you may even want to consider wearing the same wedding dress your mother wore to her wedding. In this case your wedding dress will be free. Cutting the cost of your wedding even more.

And you can cut the cost of a wedding even further with these wedding ideas.

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