Bahamian Politics
DNA issues report card on FNM administration first year in governance
By Democratic National Alliance (DNA)
May 9, 2018 - 6:35:57 PM

The FNM was ushered into office based on the negative sentiments towards the PLP. The overwhelming majority of 35-4 has weakened the voice of the official opposition
The same tactics of emotionalism, grandiose promises and manipulation were employed during the 2017 elections.

Many have argued that the standard had been lowered so much by the PLP that the FNM didn’t have to do much to impress the electorate. Public Domain polls showed that people didn’t vote for the FNM because they believed in their policies or leadership but rather in a bid to get rid of the PLP.

The FNM was dismal in opposition and clearly unprepared for governance. The FNM did not win based on an articulated plan or vision; this has been reflected during their first year in office... see attached report card

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