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Dr. Hubert Minnis: PLP’s Economic Mismanagement
By The Free National Movement
Apr 20, 2017 - 12:12:59 AM

Nassau, Bahamas - Dr. Hubert Minnis, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader, issued the following statement:

“Five years ago, the PLP made one lofty promise after another in their campaign run. At every turn, they promised Bahamians a better life. But during their five years, they have delivered a growing crime epidemic. They have delivered our country double-digit unemployment, increased poverty, a failed educational system, and unsustainable debt. While the Bahamian people suffer under their watch, the embattled Prime Minister and his PLP co-conspirators continue to live lavishly at the peoples’ expense, fly around in private jets, secure jobs for their friends and allies and act indifferent to Bahamians concerns. In spite of bringing our country on the brink of economic disaster, they are once again coming with empty promises.”

“The PLP turns a blind eye to the people’s struggle, and even though they were warned by global and regional authorities on economic affairs (IDB, IMF and World Bank) massive government mismanagement has crippled our country. Their reports send clear warnings that spelled out in no uncertain terms that this Government has spent our economy into oblivion, continues irresponsible lending practices and fails at every turn to enact a real plan for sustainable growth. Time and time again these international authorities have called out the lack of government accountability and transparency. But these warnings have fallen on deaf ears.”

“Be reminded throughout the PLP’s election-season rhetoric, that this Government jokes about wasting your tax dollars, hides their expenditures, fails to address unemployment and piles up more and more debt—all while Bahamian families continue to endure hardship. Our country deserves better. Our children deserve a future that doesn’t entail living from paycheck to paycheck. They deserve a country with opportunity for all.”

“The FNM is the only party with a serious plan to stimulate job creation and deliver sustainable growth through fiscal responsible policies and innovated investments. We need your help to change the downward path established by the PLP and to put our country on a path to reach a brighter future. On May 10th, you have the opportunity to change our direction. Another five years of inept government and failed promises cannot be risked. Vote for the FNM and together we will build a strong and prosperous future for generations to come.”

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