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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Dec 3, 2019 - 3:56:24 PM

FNM: Delusional Davis can’t alter the past
By Free National Movement
Dec 2, 2019 - 10:15:46 PM

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  The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ commentary on last Friday’s blackout:

“Friday’s blackout is the direct result of years – if not decades – of neglect and mismanagement at BPL. The adverse impact of the PLP’s incompetence during their five years in power – where Brave Davis himself had a critical hand in BPL – still reverberates to this day. It also highlights the desperate need for action to clean up the mess that this FNM Government inherited when taking over from the woeful PLP. We now find ourselves in a struggle trying to fix BPL’s antiquated facilities, aging equipment and overall performance. 

“Yet after making matters worse at BPL and elsewhere throughout the country during their tenure in power, Brave Davis and his woeful PLP stand on the sidelines carping and bemoaning any and all efforts to turn things around.

“It isn’t lost on anyone after hearing conveniently forgetful Brave Davis’ latest attacks this weekend that last week he stood in public opposition to legislation that would help to take steps to modernize and elevate the country’s power generation capabilities without offering a hint of their proposed solution. Ironically, the legislation was similar to efforts Brave himself once supported and proposed, but of course today is different and Brave seems to forget his past so often these days.

“It’s hard to forget for five years the woeful PLP promised Bahamians solutions at BPL were on the way, even drafting the first Rate Reduction Bill, but later abandoning the effort kicking the can down the road for others to address as we are doing now. The PLP’s disastrous reign extended to their mismanagement and neglect of BPL and today we’re dealing with the impact of their incompetence and failures.

“The result of their inaction came in the form of increasingly frequent blackouts, continued load-shedding, stricter lending requirements due to their financial ineptitude, and, whether managing BEC or BPL, the inept PLP allowed both to run major deficits every year they were in power.

“Now the old and tired Brave Davis would insist Friday’s blackout is all someone else’s problem, failing to remember his own complicity in creating this critical situation. No matter how hard Brave tried to revise history, it won’t erase the experience all Bahamians have suffered because of the woeful PLP’s incompetence.

“No Government is working harder to improve the reliability and lower the cost of energy than the FNM, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. Our FNM Government understands this is a crisis and it’s vitally important we take steps to fix it now – bringing more efficient and affordable energy to families and businesses in every corner of The Bahamas.

“Unlike the woeful PLP throughout their five disastrous years in office, Prime Minister Minnis does not shrink from a challenge and has committed himself to finally finding long-term solutions to BPL for the relief of all Bahamians and for generations to come. Brave should take note because that’s what true leaders do: work for the people they serve instead of themselves. We invite our friends on the other side of the aisle to suspend their rhetoric and participate in seeing through these critical energy improvements, because Bahamians deserve nothing less from their elected leaders.”

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