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Minnis responds to PM Christie's comments on crime
By The Free National Movement
Feb 14, 2017 - 7:16:49 PM

Nassau, New Providence - Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement in response to the Prime Minister’s statement that The Bahamas is the “wild, wild west” due to the crime epidemic:

“The tragic, brazen crime outbreak must spark a sense of urgency from this Government. They must take immediate action to bring order and safety to our communities. For the Prime Minister to be dismissive -- referring to our country as ‘the Wild, Wild West’-- shows an appalling lack of leadership, all but ignoring the growing crime epidemic. A basic function of government is to protect the Bahamian people from the criminal elements that would wreak havoc in our communities. This cannot stand; the FNM will not allow it.”

“14 murders in a matter of 14 days bring this tragic total to 28 murders already in this new year. We call on this Government to set politics aside, and take immediate action. We have developed a comprehensive action plan that seeks to rip crime out at its roots. Our plan is multi-tiered and benefits from the experience of our candidates with law enforcement backgrounds. It puts a priority on making our communities and neighbourhoods safe and secure by taking a holistic approach to reducing crime by involving the entire community in our efforts to rid our country of this menace and by strengthening our police force with proper training and equipment.”

“These steps can be taken today and we implore the Prime Minister and his Government to implement our plan or at least initiate other serious ideas to addressing this horrific murder and crime spree gripping our neighbourhoods. Bahamians deserve nothing less from their Government.”

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