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Office of PLP Chair on immigration hires
By Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party
Mar 14, 2018 - 11:55:53 PM

It is sad that ten months after the General Election the Public Service Minister cannot simply do his job and have the letters of appointment issued to the immigration  trainees who are working every day to defend this country.

Yesterday his statement to the House complaining about how they were hired left many of them depressed and dispirited. Even those who have letters of appointment were denied a passing out parade to show their friends and family they are a part of the Immigration Department.

The Minister may think that he is attacking the PLP by his old story telling time in the House but the reality is he is simply embarrassing himself and portraying the ineptness of the FNM administration to get the appointment letters out to these trainees.

The Minister has the files and access to the Cabinet conclusions. He can find out that every individual hired in the Immigration Department in the last recruitment exercise came in under specific conditions mandated and approved by the Cabinet. There was nothing improper about it.  He should be ashamed to give the impression that these trainees are unqualified.

He should know for example that out of the doctrine of necessity where the Police Force was responsible for security vetting, the Police were taking up to one year to vet applicants and so it was necessary to hire people subject to vetting.

That is but one example of the myriad and Byzantine issues facing regular appointments to the public service in a timely fashion.

I cry shame on him. Get to work minister and get these letters of appointment issued and stop belly aching and  crying over old stories.

I salute all the Immigration officers for their dedication to the cause and encourage them to continue to work and do their best.

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