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Bahamas Attorney General Statement on Stem Cell legislation claim
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Nov 1, 2013 - 4:54:53 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - The recent passage of stem cell legislation was a landmark achievement for our nation, ensuring that expert scientific and ethics committees now review proposals from those doctors and scientists seeking to establish stem cell research and therapy centres in The Bahamas. The legislation paves the way for investments in new health care facilities and laboratories, which will create new jobs, provide Bahamians access to important therapies, and generate extraordinary opportunities for Bahamian scientists and doctors.

As the Prime Minister has noted on numerous occasions, the government looks forward to collaborating with the University of Miami and other prestigious partners to support our new regulatory regime and ensure that our nation becomes known for excellence and integrity as well as exciting medical advances.

In drafting this legislation, my office consulted both broadly and deeply, in The Bahamas and across the globe, consulting with stakeholders and experts and reviewing regulations and best practices in other nations.

There has been some suggestion that Peter Nygard, a resident of The Bahamas, was involved in the drafting of the legislation.  This is not true.  While Mr. Nygard’s commitment to stem cell therapies is well known, and his support for the new legislation is welcome, he did not participate in the drafting of the legislation. He did not meet with me and the members of the legislative drafting team responsible for the stem cell legislation have advised me that none of them met with or consulted him.

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