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Carnival Cruise Port Ground Breaking - Remarks - Hon. Ginger Moxey
May 13, 2022 - 7:09:03 PM

See enclosed Remarks by Minister for Grand Bahama the Hon. Ginger Moxey, today:



HON. GINGER MOXEY, M.P. The Minister for Grand Bahama

12th May, 2022

Prime Minister, The Hon. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis

Deputy Prime Minister, I. Chester Cooper and Other Cabinet Colleagues and Government Officials

Carnival Executives, Arnold Donald, Josh Weinstein, Christine Duffy GBPA Executives
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning...

It’s another GRAND DAY on Grand Bahama!

This historic occasion is the realization of a vision that was birthed many many years ago culminating with a first ceremonial signing in May of 2017, by the previous Progressive Liberal Party Administration. Today, this ground breaking ceremony does not simply represent the breaking of ground for the establishment of this cruise port as a premier destination for cruise passengers, but it also means an IMMEDIATE start of the construction phase. Something that our Prime Minister, The Honourable Philip ‘Brave’ Davis has been pushing for, and the residents of Grand Bahama have anxiously awaited.

What this ceremony also represents today is a real focus on Grand Bahama Island and what makes it ‘Grand’ – what makes us ‘Grand’. In my most recent former life, I was engaged to illustrate the ‘authentic experience of Grand Bahama Island’ – the hidden gems of our island, because a developer wanted to experience the soul of Grand Bahama. I learnt later that it was for this Carnival Cruise project, and believe that when this cruise port is opened, we would have realized a cruise port experience that is immersed in our people, our culture, and our experiences.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this New Day Administration did not come to play. We came to deliver results; We came to execute; We came to ACTION and to get our economy, and this island that I love so much out of the darkness and into the light.

On this New Day; this Davis/Cooper Administration has ushered in a development that will underpin Grand Bahama’s vision as ‘Home of Maritime’; ‘Home of Entertainment’ – with its Fun-Ship brand; and ‘Home of Innovation’.

The plan to develop this $200M cruise port facility has also solidified Carnival’s partnership with the people of Grand Bahama by providing hundreds of jobs and vendor opportunities. In keeping with our Government’s ‘Blueprint for Change’, we are committed to Empowering Bahamians; to creating a more dynamic and inclusive economy that works for Bahamians; and more specifically providing greater equity and opportunities for Bahamians in tourism.

It is therefore gratifying to highlight, Carnival’s commitment to supporting our Government’s mandate, and that ALL concessions will be dedicated for Bahamian small and medium sized enterprises and our entrepreneurs.

The development of this Cruise Port will engage Bahamians in every detail; from the construction phase to everyday operation. It will be an innovative, unique facility that will open doors for Grand Bahamian retailers, restaurant operators, transportation providers, shore excursion operators, straw vendors, artisans, Junkanoo groups and others operating in ‘The Orange Economy’, to showcase their products and services to visitors from countries around the world.

My Ministry is intentional to engage Grand Bahamians and is participating in community business engagement workshops, June 16 – 17, focused on job preparation, sharpening skillsets, capacity-building, growth & development.

This project signifies this Administration’s commitment to collaborate with local and international partners for the betterment and advancement of the island of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large.

This groundbreaking ceremony is proof that a delay is not a denial and Grand Bahama is on track to reclaim its rightful place as one of the most sought-after destinations in the Western Hemisphere.

Grand Bahama Island will become the jewel of the Caribbean, and the trendsetter in this Administration’s new economic model for culture, the Orange Economy – the creative industry.

To Carnival Cruise Lines... Arnold Donald, Josh Weinstein; Christine Duffy, and Giora Israel other Carnival Senior Executives, we say ‘Thank You’; ‘Thank You’ for sticking with us!

I am so excited about the road ahead for our island; the rebuilding of our economy, the countless opportunities that await the residents of Grand Bahama, and the fulfillment of this cruise port initiative that solidifies A New Day!

Grand Bahama, it’s Our Time!

Thank you!

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