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Doctors Hospital takes over well-known clinic in Eight Mile Rock
By Andrew Coakley
Nov 25, 2021 - 2:06:34 PM

DOCTORS FUTURE HOME – Minister of Social Services and urban Renewal, Hon. Obie Wilchcombe (right), stands with Dr. Malik Kavala and his wife in front of the new sign at the clinic, which was unveiled at an official renaming ceremony on Monday, November 22, 2021. After close to fifty years of serving the people of Eight Mile Rock and West Grand Bahama, Dr. Kavala is retiring at 75 years old and handing his clinic and its facilities over to Doctors Hospital. At left is Senator Kirkland Russell, who brought remarks on behalf of the Minister for Grand Bahama. (BIS Photo/Andrew Miller)

EIGHT MILE ROCK, Grand Bahama - Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe says Doctor’s Hospital’s acquisition of the clinic in Eight Mile Rock, owned by Dr. Malik Kavala, represents a transition that will bring even better health care to the people of West Grand Bahama. He called it “a gift just before Christmas.”

The official renaming of the Kavala Medical Clinic, which has been a long-time staple in Eight Mile Rock, to Doctors Hospital, took place on Monday, November 22, 2021, in a short ceremony, where Minister Wilchcombe served as the keynote speaker.

“This is an important day in Grand Bahama, an important day, specifically for the people of West Grand Bahama, who, from time to time, had complained about the lack of consistent, adequate service in proper medical service. Or those of us who complained about the long drive to Freeport to seek out medical care,” said Minister Wilchcombe.

“So, today, you can appreciate my exuberance. The fact that I am so overjoyed with this new relationship, that I would like to thank Doctors Hospital. You are now setting an example for your private sector to reach out to the West and understand that people live here in West Grand Bahama too.”

Minister Wilchcombe pointed out the fact that a large portion of the population on the island of Grand Bahama live in the West, adding that too often most of the events, businesses and entertainment have only been concentrated in Freeport, dictating that Grand Bahamians living in the West travel the distance.

GIVES ADDRESS – Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe was the keynote speaker during the official handing over of the Kavala Medical Clinic to Doctors Hospital, during a brief ceremony on Monday, November 22, 2021. (BIS Photo/Andrew Miller)

However, Minister Wilchcombe said if there can be a cause or reason for the transformation of communities in West Grand Bahama, by allowing the private sector to move in and bring with them all of the professionalism that is required within that community, then they would be setting a new trend.  

“And for that, I thank you,” said Minister Wilchcombe.

“I also want to celebrate the fact that Doctor’s Hospital has assembled such an outstanding team of Bahamians. Two years from now, we will be fifty years old as a nation and look where God has brought us from. Look at what we have achieved. Often times we have ignored the fact that this has taken time and we don’t appreciate the incredible journey that our people have made. If we can reach out and establish partnerships with Cleveland Clinic and others because of the service they provide, imagine the future possibilities.  

“I want to congratulate Doctors Hospital and I want to specifically congratulate its president. I also want to congratulate Dr. Kavala.  

“Dr. Kavala, You are exceptional. You’re an iconic figure in this community. Everyone knows you and we all celebrate you. You have touched so many lives. You’re the one people call on when there is nowhere else to go. Our entire Grand Bahama and The Bahamas must offer you congratulations and thanks for all that you’ve done for the people of this community over the many years. We love you and we truly appreciate you.”

The Social Services and Urban Development Minister said this present government and successive Progressive Liberal Party governments have always been committed to health care, while holding on to a general, social philosophy – to heal the sick, feed the poor, guide the youth and bring peace to every heart.  

Minister Wilchcombe pointed out that when the PLP party was first elected in 1967, the whole idea was to eliminate ignorance, disease and poverty. A mission, he said, is one which the party still pursues even to this day.   

“As God would have it, I now have an opportunity and a responsibility to reach out to those persons in our country today, many who are homeless or living in abject poverty,” said Minister Wilchcombe.  “In Grand Bahama, 9.7 percent, in the capital 12.4 percent and in the Family Islands 17.2 percent of the people are living in poverty. Too many of our people are living in poverty or are homeless.  We all have a responsibility to help, but the only way it works is if we have a partnership. So, when you have this kind of partnership between Doctors hospital and Dr. Kavala, then we can help even more people and bring more opportunities for better health care for the people in West Grand Bahama.

“So, I congratulate Doctors Hospital for taking up the mantle to carry on the tradition of great health care for the people here in Eight Mile Rock and in West Grand Bahama. I also want to assure Dr. Kavala that what he has done for the people of this community for so many years has been greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.” 

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