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Government appoints Statutory Boards and Committees
Jul 8, 2007 - 9:12:58 PM

NASSAU, The Bahamas --The Cabinet Office announced today the appointment of
Statutory Boards and Committees, with effect from 1st July, 2007.


The Cabinet Office has also announced the appointment of the Chairmen of the Hotel Corporation of the Bahamas, the Housing Commission, the Gaming Board and Nassau Flight Services.


Heading the Hotel Corporation is businesswoman Marjorie Johnson. Former educator Mrs. Pauline Nairn has been appointed chairman of the Housing Commission (New Providence), while Mr. Joseph Thomas will head the Housing Commission (Grand Bahama).


Mr. Malcolm Adderley, Member of Parliament for Elizabeth, will continue as Chairman of the Gaming Board. He was first appointed Chairman of the Gaming Board under the previous administration.


Former Member of Parliament David Wallace has been named to head Nassau Flight Services Limited.


The tenure of the Public Sector Boards appointed by the previous administration ended 30th June, 2007.


The Cabinet Office also announced that following consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, the chairmanship of the Public Service Commission and the Teaching Service Commission will be announced at a later date.


The Statutory Boards and Committees are, as follows:


  • Advisory Committee for the Prerogative of Mercy:

Minister responsible for grants of pardon – Hon. O.A.T. (Tommy) Turnquest, M.P. (Chairman); the Hon. Attorney General, Dr. Nelson Clarke, Bishop Elgarnet Rahming, Mrs. Jeanette Davis, Dr. Mildred Hall-Watson and Mrs. Joanna Newton.

  • Advisory Committee on Co-operative Development:

Mrs. Juliette Barnwell, LVO (Chairman); Mr. I.G. Stubbs, Mr. Roosevelt Finlayson, Representative from the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Thomas Charlton (Mayaguana), Mr. Joseph Thomas (Grand Bahama), Director of Co-operative Development (Ex-Officio), Mr. Leon Pinder (North Abaco), Mrs. Cheryl Bowe-Moss, Mr. Lenny Etienne, Bishop Franklyn Ferguson, Ms. Sonia Hamilton, Ms. Ismelda Davis, Ms. Ruth Forbes, two student representatives from co-operatives, Dr. Keith Tinker, Mr. Ornan Johnson and Mr. Rodney Gibson.

  • Advisory Council on Public Records:

Mrs. Elaine Toote (Chairman), the Registrar General, Mr. Maxwell Stubbs, Ms. Bettye Arnette, Dr. Christian Campbell, Ms. Willamae Johnson (COB Librarian) and Mr. Antonious Roberts.

  • Aid to Discharged Prisoners Committee:

Reverend Father Glen Nixon, Mr. Mike Stubbs, Rev. Beryl Higgs, Mr. Hubert Wong, Mrs. Laura Benson, Mr. Billy (Red Top) Lowe, Pastor Lyall Bethel, Rev. Walter Hanchell, Bishop Edward Missick, Rev. Kermit Saunders, Fr. Stephen Grant, Mr. Neville Gray, Rev. George Cooper, Pastor Silbert Mills, Ms. Bernadette Moss, Rev. Rick Dean, Rev. Ranford Patterson, Rev. Sam Bootle, Rev. Althea Davis, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Mrs. Maria Johnson, Rev. Barbara Williams, Mrs. Alma Young, Rev. Clint Kemp, Rev. Tim Lee and Rev. Carl Campbell.

  • Airport Authority:

Hon. Frank H. Watson, Chairman; Mr. Frank Comito, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Anthony Ferguson, Mr. Edward Fields, Mr. Emmanuel (Manny) Alexiou (Sunco), Pastor Leonard Johnson, Airport Authority General Manager (Ex-Officio) and Mr. Cyprian


  • Air Transport Advisory Board:

Ms. Rachel Culmer, Chairman; Mr. Branford Chase, Mr. Freddie Sands, Mr. Kendal Higgins and Mr. Uriel Adderley.

  • Antiquities Monuments and Museum Board:

Dr. Davidson Hepburn, Chairman; Dr. Keith Tinker, Director of the national Museum (Ex-Officio); Ms. Elaine Toote, Director of Archives; Mrs. Janyne Hodder, President of the College of the Bahamas; Dr. Nicolette Bethel, Director of Culture; Mr. Michael Major, Director of Physical Planning; Ms. Vernice Walkine, Director General of Tourism; Representative of the Bahamas National Trust, Dr. D. Gail Saunders, Fr. Colin Saunders, Ms. Amanda Lindroth and Mr. Judd Rosen.

  • Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation:

Mr. Edison Key, Member of Parliament for South Abaco, Chairman; Mr. Winston Pinnock, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Jeffrey Kerr, Mr. Philip Beneby (Courtesy Food Store), Mr. Sonny Russell, Ms. Dillis Smith, Ms. Alexstine Clarke and Mrs. Lonnie Rolle.

  • Bahamas Electricity Corporation:

Mr. Frederick Gottlieb, Chairman; Mr. Ansel Watson, Mr. Roger Johnson, Monsignor Simeon Roberts, Mr. Nelson Ferguson, Mr. Evan Dean, Mrs. Sonia Brown, Mrs. Christine Burrows-Williams and Ms. Lynda Gibson

  • Bahamasair Holdings Limited:

Mr. J. Barrie Farrington, Chairman; Mr. Kenwood Kerr, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Earl Thompson, Jr., Ms. Disa Harper, Mr. Carlton Wildgoose, Ms. Erma Williams, Ms. Wendy Warren, Archdeacon Keith Cartwright and Bahamasair’s Managing Director.

  • Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO:

Hon. Theresa Moxey-Ingraham, Chairman; Director of Heritage, Director of Archives, Director of Youth, three workers representatives, three business community representatives, five representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, and one representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Bahamas National Trust (Council of the)

(Government Appointees), Mr. Michael Braynen, Mr. Simeon Pinder, Mr. Earlston McPhee, Ms. Michelle Bethel, Mr. Durward Archer and Mr. Douglas Minns.

  • Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board (New Providence):

Ms. Cheryl Cartwright, Chairman; Mr. Leon Hutchinson, Deputy Chairman; Ms. Yvonne Braynen, Ms. Sharon Turnquest, Ms. Glendina Spence, Ms. Rhonda Armstrong, Mr. Albrando Dean, Mr. Ezra Bodie, Ms. Janet Russell, Ms. Princess Flowers, Ms. Paulette McKenzie, Ms. Adrianna Smith, Mr. Alvin Heild, Ms. Patricia Johnson, Mr. Theodore Jackson, Jr., Ms. Nicole Reilly, Mr. James Collie, Mr. Adam Darville, Ms. Tanya Woodside, Ms. Charlyne Sealy, Ms. Jackie Newton, Ms. Rachel Clarke, Ms. Clarice Butler, Ms. Virginia Campbell, Ms. Tanya Stubbs, Ms. Prudence Black, Ms. Renette Moree-Harding, Mr. Greg Sherman, Ms. Vivia Ferguson, Ms. Shanita Wallace, Ms. Crystal Hanna, Ms. Sharon Lewis, Ms. Gertrude O’Brien, Mr. Mark Ford, Ms. Dawn Rolle, Ms. Cindy Coakley, Mr. Telford Watkins, Mr. Frank Saunders, Ms. Marie Sylvain, Ms. Garnell Rutherford, Ms. Garnell Cooper and Ms. Lisa Cambridge.

  • Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board (Grand Bahama):

Mr. Kirk Antoni, Ms. Stephanie Ferguson, Ms. Tanya Outten, Mr. Ervin Missick, Mr. Raymond Pinder, Ms. Ellen Bodie, Mr. Calvin Cooper, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Marsha Stubbs and Evangelist Anne Grant.

  • Bahamas Real Estate Association – Disciplinary Committee:

Mr. Craig “Tony” Gomez, Chairman; Mr. Mitchell Thurston; Mr. Charles MacKay, Mr. Craig Walkine, and three appointed by the Real Estate Association.

  • Bahamas Real Estate Association – The Investigative Committee:

Ms. Sylvia Scriven, Chairman; Ms. Brenda P.D. Knowles, Mrs. Barbara Brooks, Mrs. Pauline Curry, Mr. Pat Strachan, Mr. Kingsley Edgecombe and Mr. Mario Carey.

  • Bahamas Telecommunications Company:

Mr. Julian Francis, Chairman; Dean Patrick Adderley, Mr. James Moss, Mr. Raymond Jones, Jr., Mr. Ian Hepburn, Ms. Cecile Turner-Greene, Ms. Clarita Duncombe, Ms. Deidre Prescott and Mr. Garth Buckner.

  • Bahamas Trade Commission:

Mr. John Delaney, Chairman; Mr. Raymond Winder, Deputy Chairman; Representative of the Central Bank, Mr. J. Barrie Farrington, Ms. Kevera Turnquest, Ms. Jean Ann Holm, Mr. Randy key, Mr. Hillary Deveaux, Representative of the Bahamas bar Association, Representative of the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB), Representative of the Photographers, Representative of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Representative of the National Congress of trade Unions (NCTU), Representative of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, and a Representative of the Small Business Association.

  • Boxing Commission:

Mr. Pat Strachan, Chairman; Dr. Munir Rashad, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Fred Sturrup, Mr. Bert Perry, Terry Goldsmith, Mr. William “Yama Bahama” Butler, Mr. Leonard “Boston Blackie” Miller, Captain Fernley Palmer, Mr. Leslie Cornish, Mr. Wellington Miller, Mr. James Tynes, Mr. Nelson Chipman, Mr. Eugene Pratt, Mr. Wilfred Coakley, Mr. Lionel Morley, Mr. David “Sugar Kid” Bowe and Mr. Fred Munnings.

  • Bridge Authority:

Mr. Timothy Treco, Chairman; Mr. Gregory Bonamy, Deputy Chairman; Ms. Sharon Dean, Ms. Diane Bullard, Mr. George Godet, Ms. Nadene Rolle and an appointee of the Leader of the Opposition.

  • Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas:

Mr. Barry Malcolm, Chairman; Mr. Michael Moss, Mr. Kirby Ferguson, Mr. Larry Smith and Mrs. Elva Russell-Rolle.

  • Cabs (Hackney Carriages) Board of the Bahamas:

Controller of Road Traffic, Dr. Jeffrey Lynn, Dr. Maurice Isaacs, Representative of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Representative of the Ministry of Tourism, and a Representative of the Bahamas Humane Society.

  • Central Bank of the Bahamas:

Mrs. Wendy Craigg, Mr. Hugh Sands and Mr. Hartis Pinder.

  • Clifton Heritage Authority:

Dr. Jacinta Higgs, Chairman; Mr. Neil Strachan, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Alpheus Ramsey, Dr. Keith Tinker, Dr. Gail Saunders, Rev. C.B. Moss, Director of national Museum, Representative of the College of the Bahamas, Representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Representative of the Bahamas National Trust, and a Representative of the Department of Archives.

  • The Council of the College of the Bahamas:

Mr. T. Baswell Donaldson, Chairman; Mrs. Judith Whithead, Deputy Chairman; Mrs. Janyne Hodder, President of COB (Ex-Officio); Mr. Mark Holowesko, Mr. Roger Kelty, Ms. Diane Stewart, Dr. Earl Cash, Representative of COBUS, Representative of UTEB, Representative of alumni Association, and the Director of Education.

  • Compliance Commission:

Mr. Philip Stubbs, Chairman; Mrs. Rowena Bethel and Mr. Oswald Munnings.

  • Defence Commission Board:

Commodore Clifford Scavella, Mr. Alonzo Butler and a member of the Public Service Commission.

  • Dental Council:

Dr. Osmond Richardson, Chairman; Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis, Chief Medical Officer (Ex-Officio); Dr. Catherine Adderley, Dr. Munir Rashad, Dr. Ricardo Crawford, Dr. Kirk Lewis and Ms. Margo Ingraham.

  • Deposit Insurance Corporation Board:

Governor of the Central Bank, Chairman; two departmental managers (including manager of Bank Supervision), Mr. Oswald Munnings and Mrs. Willie Moss.

  • Development Bank:

Mr. Darron Cash, Chairman; Mr. Anton Sealy, Deputy Chairman; Ms. Norma Evans, Mr. Lindsey Williamson, Mr. Perry Cancino, Ms. Lisa Bostwick, Mr. Scottie Pinder, and the Managing Director (Ex-Officio).

  • Education Loan Authority:

Mr. Lowell Mortimer, Chairman; Mr. Hubert Chipman, Deputy Chairman; Mr. David Pinder, Ms. Yvonne Isaacs, Ms. Anna Colebrooke, Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Representative of the national Insurance Board, Chairman of Educational Loan Committee (Ex-Officio).

  • Education Committee:

Dr. Ronald Knowles, Chairman; Mr. Kevin Pratt, Mrs. Maria Butler-Taylor, Ms. Sandra Clarke and Rev. Wesley Thompson.

  • Environmental Health Board

Ms. Melanie McKenzie, Director of Environmental Health (Ex-Officio); Mr. Eric Carey, Representative, Bahamas National Trust (Executive Director); Ms. Eleanor Phillips, Mr. Keith Lim, and Dr. Donald Cooper, Representative, BEST Commission.

  • Fisheries Advisory Committee:

Mr. Anthony McKinney (Paradise Fisheries), Co-Chairman; Mr. Glen Pritchard, Co-Chairman; Director of Fisheries, Mr. Carol Laing, Mr. Roosevelt Curry, Mr. Jay Dean, Mr. Ivan Neymour, Mr. John Thompson, Mr. V. Gurth Russell, Mr. Ruel Forbes, Mr. Percy Roberts, Ms. Agatha Russell, Mr. Enos Johnson, Mr. Roosevelt Sweeting, Mr. Gilbert Pinder, Mr. David Kriezer, Mr. Keith Carroll, Mr. Simon Bain, Mr. Stephen Bethel, Mr. Jeff Jolly, Mr. David Rose, Mr. Charles Adderley, Mr. Emile Knowles (Mangrove Bush), Mr. Ricardo Curling, Representative of the Bahamas National Trust, Representative of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Representative of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Representative of Bahamas Customs, Representative of the Ministry of Tourism, and a Representative of the Family Island Promotion Board.

  • The Gaming Board

Mr. Malcolm Adderley, M.P., Chairman (with effect from November 22, 2006 to December 31, 2007; Mr. Dwight Sawyer and Mr. Hugh O’Brien.

  • Health Professions Council:

Dr. Horizal Simmons, Chairman; Chief Medical Officer, Mr. Carroll Sands, Mr. Charles Barnett, Mrs. Lillymae McPhee, President of Optometrist Association, Ms. Lynette Saunders, Mr. Kenneth Lightbourne, Jr., Dr. Austin Davis and Ms. Paula Bowleg.

  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Licensing Board:

Dr. Kirkland Culmer, Chairman; Dr. Locksley Munroe, Deputy Chairman; Dr. Merceline Dahl Regis, Chief Medical Officer (Ex-Officio); Rev. Timothy Stewart, Mr. Quentin Percentie, Ms. Yvette McCartney, Ms. Ella Lewis, Representative of the Dental Association, Representative of the Medical Association, and a Representative of the Nurses Association.

  • Hotel Corporation of the Bahamas:

Ms. Marjorie Johnson, Chairman; Mr. Michael Scott, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Freddie Lightbourn, Mr. Anthony Albury, Ms. Carolyn Hanna, Ms. Myrna Wilson, Mr. Charles Beneby, Bishop Simeon Hall and Ms. Lesley Cover.

  • Hotel Licensing Board:

Mr. Michael Turnquest, Chairman; Ms. Caron Shepherd, Ms. Crystal Hanna, Mr. Bruce Elliott and Mrs. Denise Usher-Dorsett.

  • Housing Commission – (Grand Bahama):

Mr. Joseph Thomas, Chairman; Ms. Rosney Cooper, Mr. Roger Rolle, Ms. Velma Smith, Mr. Andre Wilmott, Mr. Benson Smith and Ms. Cathy Laing.

  • Housing Commission (New Providence):

Mrs. Pauline Nairn, Chairman; Mr. Paul Willie, Ms. Sherry Albury, Mr. Roger Pinder, Mr. Ambrose McSweeney, Mr. Percy Miller and Ms. Jennifer Cleare.

  • Joint Advisory Committee:

Government Representatives: Director of Labour, Chairman; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Service; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources.

Workers Representatives: President, National Congress of Trade Unions; President, Bahamas trade Union Congress; Representative of the Bahamas Hotel catering and Allied Workers Union, and Chairman, Bahamas Professional Pilots Union.

Employers Representatives: President, Bahamas Employers Association; President, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce; and President, Bahamas Employers Confederation.

  • Licensing Authority (New Providence)

Dr. Elizabeth Darville, Chairman; Mr. Anthony Musgrove, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Michael Foulkes, Ms. Michelle Pickstock, Ms. Jacqueline Jenoure, Mr. Randy Conliffe and Magistrate Guillamina Archer-Minns.

  • Maritime Authority:

Mr. McGregor Robertson, Chairman; Mr. Peter Goulandris, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Dudley Martinborough, Mr. William Bardelmeir, Captain Stephen Fox, Mr. Arthur Coady, Mr. Michael Dean and Ms. Sharon Brown.

  • Medical Council:

Dr. Duane sands, Chairman; Dr. Merceline Dahl- Regis, Chief Medical Officer (Ex-Officio); Dr. Winston Forbes, Dr. Franklyn Walkine, Dr. George Constanakis, Dr. Linell Haddox-Gordon and Dr. James Johnson.

  • Mental Health Review Tribunal:

Mr. Michael Dean, Chairman; Dr. Herbert Olander, Mrs. Billie Godet, Ms. Ivy Wilson and Dr. Brian Humblestone.

  • Mortgage Corporation

Mr. Antoine Saunders, Chairman; Mr. David Jordine, Deputy Chairman; Ms. Elma Bain, Ms. Nadine Lubin, Rev. Ivan Butler, Mr. Anthony Woodside, Mr. Julian Brown, Dr. Eddie Shearer-Jackson and Ms. Delores Farrington.

  • Nassau Flight Services Limited:

Mr. David Wallace, Chairman; Ms. Thalise Neeley, Mr. Patrick Rollins, Ms. Karen Moxey, Mr. Derek Aranah, Ms. Simone Rahming and Ms. Marsha Thompson.

  • National Advisory Committee for Agriculture:

Mr. Mark Stubbs, Co-Chairman; Mr. O’Brian Knowles, Co-Chairman; Mr. Levarity Deveaux, Mr. David Lowe, Mr. Mark Hanna, Mr. Caleb Evans, Mr. John Saunders, Mr. Lernis Cornish, Rev. Edward Missick, Mr. Joe Stubbs, Mr. Edrin Symonette, Mr. Patrick Treco, Mr. Don Carnine, Mr. Bert Duncanson, Ms. Joan Bowe, Ms. Joy Burrows, Ms. Virginia McKinney, Mr. Bruce Pinder, Mr. Robert Archer, Mr. Bert Knowles, Ms. Theresa Kemp, and the Director of Agriculture.

  • National Advisory Council for Education:

Chairman, President of the College of the Bahamas; Representatives: the Bahamas Union of Teachers, the Bahamas Association of Independent Schools, the primary Principals Association, the Secondary Principals Association, the Bahamas Child Care and Pre-School Association, the Association of Tertiary Institutions in the Bahamas, the national Parent Teachers Federation, the Chamber of Commerce, the national Student Council, the Bahamas Christian Council and the Bahamas National Council for the Disabled.

  • Nursing Council of the Bahamas:

Mrs. Ivy Wilson, Chairman; Ms. Coral Dean, Deputy Chairman; Mrs. Marcel Johnson. Mrs. Cleora Hamilton, Mrs. Peggy Cooper, Mrs. Prescola Rolle, Mrs. Karol Mackey, Mrs. Audrey Rolle, Representative from Ministry of Education (preferably COB) and Dr. Calae Dorsett;

  • Port Authority (New Providence):

Mr. Raymond Rolle, Chairman; Ms. Trina Bullard, Mr. Alfred Darling, Mr. Harrison Williamson, Ms. Marisal Morley, Mr. Robert Brown and Mr. Bradley McPhee.

  • Public Hospitals Authority Board:

Mrs. Veta Brown, Chairman; Mr. Nathaniel Beneby, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Herbert Brown, Managing Director (Ex-Officio); Dr. Leslie Culmer, Mrs. Maria Ferrere, Mr. Larry Treco, Rev. Stephen Thompson, Ms. Tanya McCartney, the Chief Medical Officer and a Representative of the Nurses Association.

  • Road Traffic Authority:

Mr. Kendal Wright, Chairman; Rev. Melvin Grant, Deputy Chairman; Ms. Heather Watkins-Hunt, Mr. Kirk Seymour, Ms. Christine Munroe, Ms. Isadora Lamm and Ms. Catherine Rodgers.

  • Town Planning Committee:

Mr. Lloyd Turnquest, Chairman; Mr. James Bain, Mr. Bennett Minnis, Ms. Casuarina McKinney, Mr. Jerome Elliot, Mr. Stafford Greene and Mr. Richard Gibbs.

  • Water and Sewerage Corporation

Mr. Michael Barnett, Chairman; Mrs. Shandrice Woodside-Rolle, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Sean Blyden, Mr. Michael Cunningham, Ms. Pamela Miller and a Representative from the Ministry of Finance.

  • National Insurance Appeal Tribunal

Mr. Michael Foulkes, Chairman; Ms. Kelly Bostwick, Alternate Chairman; Mr. Dwayne Gibson, and Representatives from the Bahamas Contractors Association, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Bahamas Hotel Employers Association, Bahamas Employers Confederation, Bahamas Commercial Stores, Supermarket and Warehouse Workers Union, Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union, the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union, the Bahamas Public Services Union, Bahamas Utilities Services Allied Workers Union and Bahamas Musicians and Entertainers Union.

  • National Insurance Board

Mr. Patrick Ward, Chairman; Father E. Etienne Bowleg, Mr. Harold Watson, Mr. Van Diah, Ms. Philcher Grant, Mr. Brian Nutt, Mr. Winston Rolle, Mr. Troy Sampson, President of the Bahamas Public Services Union, President of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union and President of the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union.

  • National Junkanoo Committee (New Providence):

Mr. Livingstone Hepburn, Co-Chairman; Mr. Philip Cooper, Co-Chairman; Mr. William “Bill” Wallace, Mr. George Bethel, Mr. Silbert Ferguson, Mr. Julian Johnson, Mr. Ken Andrews, Mr. Tyrone Curry, Mr. Harold Chipman, Mr. Gary Johnson, Ms. Alexstine Clarke, Mr. Brian Gibson, Mr. Cecil Davis, Mr. Terry Archer, Mr. Kirk Simms, Mr. Maurice Tynes, Mr. Philip Styles, Mr. Brendan Foulkes, Mr. Vaughn O. Jones, Mr. Rudy Grant, Mr. Asa Ferguson, Mr. Kevin Brown, Representative of BIA; two Family Island representatives, two Representatives of Junior Junkanoo, Representative of JDA, Representative if the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Representative of the Bahamas Red Cross, Representative of the Bahamas Musicians Union, Representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Representative of the Department of Meteorology, Representative of ZNS, Representative of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Mr. Wendall Francis, Mr. Eddie Thompson, Mr. Dwayne Woods, Mr. Dave Curry, Mr. Wenzell Connolly, Mr. Rupert Moxey, Mr. Wendal Francis, Mr. Keith Barr, Ms. Linda Marshall, Mr. Leroy “Tinkle” Hanna, Dr. Nicolette Bethel-Burrows, Mr. Steve sands, Mr. Kirk Neeley, Mr. Quincy Munroe, Mr. Kirk Johnson, Mr. Ivan Thompson, Mr. Shane Deveaux and Mr. Roosevelt Finlayson.


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