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HMP Special Security Services Unit Heads off to West Virginia for Special Training
May 2, 2011 - 9:56:32 AM

Nassau, Bahamas  - For the past four years now, members of Her Majesty‚Äôs Prison Special Security Services Unit have had the opportunity to travel to West Virginia to participate in their Annual Mock Prison Riot training, held at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary, in Moundsville, West Virginia.  No different than the previous years, a contingent of Officers consisting of Chief Officer Anthony Mortimer, Sergeants Manuel Jacques, Aldrin Sears, Corporals Foster Ferguson, Audley Rahming, Vasco Johnson, Alfreda Skinner-Rolle, Judy Whymms and Officers David Rolle and Sancto Kelly will depart Nassau on Friday, 29th April to be a part of this prestigious 15th Annual Mock Prison Riot Training, which is set to commence on May 1st thru 4th and involve participants from around the world.

The Certification   training   will offer workshops in Cell Entry, Cell Extraction, Fitness for Law Enforcement and Corrections, Interior Disturbance Control, K-9 Tracking, Officer Survival Active Defence Level 1, Tactical Communication, Negotiation at Cell Door, Tactical Breaching and Tactical Emergency Care.

Prison Superintendent, Dr. Elliston Rahming is always enthused when staff members are engaged in personal and professional development training courses.  This, he believes, will assist in creating a workforce that is well trained and diversified.

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