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Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas calls on The Bahamas
By Tim Aylen, BIS
May 19, 2007 - 3:49:05 PM

Captain Hernan Zini, master of Royal Caribbean International's newest  ship, Liberty of the Seas, hosts Chief Councilor David Dean, among  others, on Saturday, May 15, 2007 for the traditional Plaque & Key  presentation welcoming the ship on her maiden voyage to The Bahamas,  where she called on Coco Cay in the Berry Islands. 

The world's  largest cruise ship, weighing in at 160,000 Gross Registered Tons,  has a capacity of 3,634 guests, an onboard surf simulator and  cantilevered whirlpools.


From left to right (front row): Craig Milan,  president, Royal Celebrity Tours; Captain Hernan Zini, master of  Liberty of the Seas; David Dean, chief councilor; Christine Sanders,  councilor; Kevin Wallace, deputy councilor and Ministry of Tourism  Representative, the Berry Islands. Back row: Aleksandar Krstacic,  chief engineer, Coco Cay; Ginea Wilson, site manager, CocoCay;  Raimund Gschnaider, hotel director of Liberty of the Seas; Inspector  James Moss, the Berry Islands. (Photo: Tim Aylen)

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