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Second House of Assembly Communication on Hurricane Dorian by Prime Minister Minnis
Oct 9, 2019 - 4:40:23 PM

Communication to Parliament Hurricane Dorian
The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis Prime Minister
Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Nassau, Bahamas

Mr. Speaker:

Following my first communication to the House last week in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, I rise to offer a second communication on response and recovery efforts.

I will provide further details and information to the House next week as additional information and reporting is made by government ministries and agencies.

Mr. Speaker:

The response to Hurricane Dorian is a comprehensive and global effort led and coordinated by the Government of The Bahamas.

The full resources of the Government are deployed.

In addition to our national resources, we are grateful for the regional and international assistance being deployed inresponse to one the most powerful hurricanes ever in the Atlantic.

It is in this spirit and with tremendous gratitude that I recognize the: scores of Bahamian citizens; the local private sector and NGOs; the Bahamian Diaspora; and the international community for the outpouring of solidarity and assistance for rescue, recovery and reconstruction.

There are scores of public officers in our uniformed branches and in every ministry who are working around the clock to coordinate our national response to the most devastating hurricane ever to hit our country.

We must never forget the work of the religious community, from home and abroad, for their outpouring of spiritual and physical resources, which we need to bind
and to heal our wounds, and to renew our individual spirits and our national spirit.

I met with another group of religious ministers from the United States last week.

One of the pastors was involved in recovery efforts following a recent devastating hurricane in one of our Caribbean neighbors.

This minister, praised the overall response of The Bahamas people, to Hurricane Dorian.

It is important that we pause in a spirit of gratitude, and hope, to acknowledge the good work of the army of Bahamians, and foreign individuals from every sector, who are on the frontlines of the biggest recovery and reconstruction effort in our history.

This spirit of gratitude, volunteerism, and hope, has been captured in the inspiring video: “A United Influence of Purpose”.

Mr. Speaker:

The Reconstruction Ministry is in the process of deploying temporary housing for government employees on Abaco.

One hundred RV trailers will accommodate 300 critical government personnel, who will play an essential role in reconstruction and recovery.

I note that a protocol is being determined for the relocating of individuals back to Abaco.

Further, a land site, next to the Spring City subdivision on Abaco, is being prepared to create the Family Relief Centre, which will serve as temporary housing accommodations for families affected by Hurricane Dorian.

The Family Relief Centre will comprise 250 dome structures that will include plumbing, drainage, a sewer system, and electricity.

Each dome can accommodate between four to five people.

The estimated cost for this facility is $6.4 million dollars.

Land is being prepared and trenching begins this week....

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