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GBPA vice chair addresses GB Chamber on economic rebound of Freeport with the extension of the HCA
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Jul 15, 2016 - 11:55:12 PM

Sarah St. George Vice Chairman of The Grand Bahama Port Authority addressing the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce Friday July 15th, 2016. (Photo: David Mackey -

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - Under the theme, 'The economic rebound of Freeport; as it relates to the extension of the HCA,' Sarah St. George, Vice Chairman of The Grand Bahama Port Authority addressed a packed house of business persons seeking news of a turnaround for the Grand Bahama Economy. is pleased to provide herewith the unedited audio of Ms St. George's entire dissertation to The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce business luncheon on Friday July 15th, 2016.

During the question and answer portion of the meeting general manager of Dolly Madison Home Center, James Rolle probed Ms. St. George (who was also joined by Grand Bahama Port Authority pres. Ian Rolle) about the proposed Freeport Light Industrial Park (FLIP) venture with the following questions:

  • Is it proposed that Gold Rock will do all of the construction themselves?
  • If they are to have other licensees assist how is the Port going to ensure that this happens?
  • On the ease of application is it being suggested that the new entrants buying into the park will be treated more favourably than persons intended to use other facilities?
  • On concessionary utility rates are these proposed to be extended simply because of occupation of those particular premises? Won’t these utility cost be in fact subsidized by other users?
  • When is it proposed that this project be started?
  • Who will ensure that investment in retail facilities are done under the guideline of Government’s investment Policies?
  •  How does the GBPA intend to incorporate the facilitation of Government agencies’ requirements in this project? 
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Dolly Madison Home Center's General Manager James Rolle probes The Grand Bahama Port Authority on the Freeport Light Industrial Park (FLIP) project. Also in the photo are GBPA President Ian Rolle and Vice Chair Sarah St. George. (Photo: David Mackey -

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