Eco-Schools Bahamas Programme
By Kevin Glinton
Mar 23, 2019 - 9:00:23 AM

LCIS Early Learning students busy taking care of their vegetable and fruit gardens. The school’s kitchen utilizes many of the donated produce their healthy menus for staff and students.

On the first Thursday of every month during the school year, the Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) community observes “Carpool, Bike and Walk Day.”  Students, parents, teachers and staff are encouraged to carpool, bike or walk to and from school in fulfillment of its Eco-Schools’ Healthy Living and Climate Change goals.  Since 2012, LCIS students have been keeping their commitment to protecting the environment and their health through various initiatives in the Eco-Schools Bahamas Programme. 

On Friday 15 March 2019, LCIS received its third globally recognized Eco-Schools Green Flag Award after successfully undergoing an onsite evaluation by the ESB assessment team.  The prestigious Green Flag Award is the highest award level that a school can achieve through the ESB programme and can be granted every two years.  LCIS met all  award criteria and accomplished over two-thirds of the objectives detailed in its environmental action plans. 

he LCIS Cans For Kids team has set a new goal to increase their total programme contribution from 4% to 7% of the cans collected annually for recycling through Can For Kids programme

According to LCIS principal, Dr. Stacey Bobo, “The programme has raised awareness.  Even I am taking Green factors in to account in my discussions.  The Eco-Schools Programme has become a key part of how we plan as an institution.”  LCIS also maintains a litter free campus in fulfillment of the most critical component of the ESB programme.  LCIS’ eco-code acronym, GREEN LICS aptly summarizes their environmental stewardship goals:

  •     Go outside
  •     Reduce, reuse, recycle
  •     Ensure lights are off
  •     Eat from a litter free lunch
  •     No disposable water bottles
  •     Litter in the bins
  •     Carpool, bike or walk
  •     I will keep track of my things
  •     Stay at 24 (°C) or more

"Attaining our third Eco-Schools Green Flag is a significant accomplishment that represents our Eco-Club’s commitment to improving the environment through ongoing environmental review which informs our decision-making towards the implementation of sustainable programs and initiatives. This award reinforces that positive steps towards environmental improvement are attainable if the entire school community buys into its importance and participates," said LCIS Eco-Schools’ coordinator Mrs. Ashish Bowen.

LCIS’ kitchen uses biodegradable wooden eating utensils with their healthy meals and snacks.

Displaying the new ESB Green Flag are Lyford Cay International School’s Eco-committee, Incoming Presidents, Britani Silvera, front left, Julia Cheng, front 2nd right, current President, Mateo Lopes, front centre, Green Flag assessors, Samantha Miller-Cartwright, back left, Sally Johnson back 2nd left, Te-Shalla Clarke, front right, LCIS vice-principal, Frēdēric Bournas, right back row, and Kevin Glinton, Eco-Schools National Operator, BREEF back centre

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