Skills put to the test as Junior Schools compete in Math Contest
By Serena Williams
May 8, 2018 - 10:27:25 AM

SC McPherson recently hosted its seventh Annual Mathematics Competition among junior high schools throughout The Bahamas. Consolidated Water Corporation (Bahamas) Ltd. (CWCO) has supported the contest as the sole sponsor almost since its inception in 2012. L to R: SC McPherson Math teacher Cecilily Flowers; CWCO Operations Manager Jeffrey Burrows, Torian Carey, Larry Miller, Asaph Ruinolds, CWCO Accounts Manager Welliya Cargill, Kourtney Armbrister, and SC McPherson Math teacher and Teacher of the Year Tiffany Daxon. Photo credit: Serena Williams Media and PR

Nassau, Bahamas - Members of the Consolidated Water Company (Bahamas) Ltd. (CWCO) team visited SC McPherson Junior High School to congratulate them on staging their seventh successful Annual Mathematics Competition.

The competition, which is sponsored by CWCO and hosted by SC McPherson, is the brainchild of mathematics teacher and Teacher of the Year Tiffany Daxon.

“When I came into the system I realized that every year they have language competitions, but math was never recognized,” said Daxon, “so I decided to start something that would showcase the mathematics talent that students have. The results speak for themselves. We’re usually on top when it comes to BJC mathematics results for government schools.”

All junior high schools throughout New Providence and the Family Islands are invited to compete in a game of “Math Jeopardy” at SC McPherson’s auditorium. The SC McPherson team placed third out of ten finalists this year.

Torian Carey, 12, said that the school lost its lead position in a risky attempt to avoid a repeat of last year’s results. “You have to wager points on the last question. Last year we put 75% of our points on the line and ended up losing that, whereas another team risked 74%, winning by 1%. So this year we wagered fewer points, but we didn’t realize how easy the last question was going to be.

“It’s exciting being on the team and it gets pretty intense when other players try to intimidate you. Before the match we gave the competitors a heads up on what to expect, and they gave us a little smack talk. So we were like, ‘Okay, so we’re in a competition!’”

Thirteen-year-old Asaph Ruinolds participated in the math competition for the first time this year. “It felt exhilarating. I got to observe how the competitors answered questions and it was a very interesting first-time experience. Math is my favourite subject, and I would love to be in the competition next year.”            -more-

SC McPherson math teacher Phoebe McFall said, “We always hope to place first, but we’re proud that our students entered the final at the top. And when other children see their friends showcase their talents and skills, it gives them something to aim for.”

Daxon said, “As the sole sponsor, CWCO’s partnership is an excellent and much needed. We want to get more sponsors so we can have the competition someplace more schools can fit, because we can only accommodate a certain amount of students. So that is our goal for the future.”

CWCO Accounts Manager Welliya Cargill said, “We couldn’t be more proud of what this school is doing to recognize their students’ skills and cultivate an interest in math. The Bahamas is full of bright young minds that excel in many different subject areas, and we believe that all of them should be encouraged. We congratulate SC McPherson on another successful competition this year.”

CH Reeves took home the winning trophy; AF Adderley placed second and SC McPherson third.

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