UB Professor Dr. Giavana Jones Launches First Book
By University of The Bahamas
Jan 22, 2019 - 4:14:43 PM

Meet the Writer and Book Launch – January 24th 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

The Strong One, Redefining Strength

Nassau, Bahamas - “For many of us there is no easy way to let go. We just have to let it go,” explains Dr. Giavana Jones known as Dr. Gia to many of her clients. She candidly shares why most women often feel overwhelmed and are expected to juggle all the demands of life simultaneously with a smile.  However, the pressures of life often bring fear of not meeting the expectations of others and/or not accomplishing all goals set. “I have learned that life keeps moving. Yes, those persons will be disappointed, but they will figure it out. People adjust and it is okay.” 

One of Dr. Gia’s quests in life is to see people on the journey to healing and wholeness. With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Masters and Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology from University of Windsor, Canada she brings her skills, experiences and understanding to the forefront when individuals seek her assistance. 

Her professional life dovetails with her passion, as she is currently the Director of Programmes for several key programmes at Lyford Cay Foundations and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology in Social Sciences at University of The Bahamas.  Living by her personal motto to ‘foster hope and build communities’ she offers private counselling and serves as a Pastor at Epic Church Bahamas with a portfolio specific to health and wellness. Dr. Gia is also the co-founder of Stories of Hope, a non-profit with its mission to provide mental health help and wellness.

Dr. Giavana Jones, Adjunct Professor at University of The Bahamas and Director of Programmes at Lyford Cay Foundation and Co-Founder of Stories of Hope.

The married, mother of two and now published author will launch her book, The Strong One: Redefining strength and finding freedom in your true identity on Thursday, 24th January at the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre at 6:30 p.m. 

The genesis of her book which she considers, “a support tool or resource for small groups” started out with a completely different purpose but God had other plans. “The Strong One started as content for an online course that I was hoping to launch.
organized the course into weeks with subtopics and then began filling in content. Before I realized it, I had passed what was needed for a course and I had a book.”

Dr. Gia offers advice to others who believe they have a story to tell but might be overwhelmed at the thought of writing an entire book. “Start writing, just take notes. Sometimes the pressure to write a book blocks performance, so rather than sitting to “write a book”, just start taking notes on your phone, Word document or in a handwritten journal. After some time, compile your notes and see what you have,” she explained.

At the completion of The Strong One, Dr. Gia wishes each reader to have, “life change and a renewed strength to rise, not from the person but their reliance on the Creator.” The author believes that, “your strength is less about what you can do or manage but is tied to your knowledge of who you are (who God says you are) and how you live based on that truth.”

She also believes the strong one’s strength is not built in isolation and each person must understand their limits. “It is so important to understand your limits; these are real and should guide your life, yet not define you. You are defined by God, not by accomplishments or failures.”

The Meet the Author and The Strong One book launch will take place on Thursday, 24th January 2019 at University of The Bahamas, Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre. For more information, or visit FB: thedrgiajones or IG: drgiajones.

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