Medical Education Review Program (MERP)
Grand Bahama landlords updated on MERP housing requirements
Mar 1, 2012 - 9:55:37 PM

Grand Bahama landlords at a meeting on MERP housing requirements Photo:

Freeport, Bahamas - Grand Bahama landlords attended a meeting at DeVry Medical International’s Medical Education Review Program (MERP) to discuss the institution’s housing process, student expectations and recent website upgrades. 

Antoine Brooks, housing coordinator, shared vital information with the landlords and gathered their feedback. The information sharing is expected to enable landlords and students to have a positive rental experience.  
“The mutually beneficial relationship that has been developed with landlords has been tremendously valuable to the overall experience of our students,” said Brooks. “The continuous hospitality given to our students speaks volumes of our community.”

MERP students typically reside in apartments located within two-miles of Seahorse Plaza where classes are held. Grand Bahama residents who are interested in renting a one- or two-bedroom apartment within a two-mile radius of Seahorse Plaza may call 350-2311. 
MERP is a rigorous 15-week program designed to provide preparatory basic sciences course content for medical school education. The selected courses help prepare students for successful entry into medical school.

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