Medical Education Review Program (MERP)
MERP Supports the Arts in Grand Bahama
Mar 8, 2012 - 2:10:03 PM

From left to right: Dr. Charles Seidel, professor of Physiology; Dalia Feldman, Founder Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society; and Dr. George Lotocki, Director MERP Photo:

Freeport, Bahamas - DeVry Medical International’s Medical Education Review Program (MERP) recently made a donation to support the Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society. MERP students frequently attend the arts society’s events as part of their island experience.

“Making a positive impact in the community is one of MERP’s goals,” said Dr. Charles Seidel, professor of Physiology.

The Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society is a charitable organization run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the performing arts and want to provide viewing and learning opportunities to local audiences and students. Proceeds from concerts that are hosted by the society benefit students of the performing arts on Grand Bahama Island.

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