5th Edition of Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase to visit Bahamas again in June
Apr 5, 2013 - 1:22:22 AM


Nassau, Bahamas - Bahamas FilmInvest International, Coordinator of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, today released the titles of films selected to be featured in the 5th edition of the Film Showcase, scheduled for the month of June at Galleria Cinemas.  

Owen Bethel, President of Bahamas FilmInvest International, confirmed that in addition to the 22 full feature films, documentaries, animations and children’s films included in the regular Showcase, due to the 40th Anniversary of Independence of The Bahamas a further 7 films have been specifically selected in recognition of this historic occasion. “The Film Showcase is intended to expose the local population to the skill and talent of filmmakers within the region. These are stories with which we can relate and are executed with the artistry and technique more often associated only with Hollywood. However, the 7 films to be shown as a special tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Independence of The Bahamas were chosen due to their themes of liberation, freedom, racial currents, and independence movements in the region,” Mr. Bethel stated. The Film Showcase, endorsed by both UNESCO and UNICEF, is an annual event featured in over twenty islands of the Caribbean and exposing the talents of the filmmakers in over thirty markets.  

Mr. Bethel foreshadowed the launch of a showcase specific to the Bahamian filmmakers during the 40th Anniversary celebrations and the creation of a Short Film Competition with the theme of independence. Selected short films and winners of the competition will join other films in being featured in the Film Showcase in specific markets throughout the region. He also indicated that the success of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase will lead to the establishment and launch of the Caribbean Film Awards in 2014.  

Films featured in the 5th edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase include Fans do Brasil, Elsa’s Happiness, The Mystic of Baobab, Moi, Maryse Conde (Guadalupe), 1912 – Voices for a Silence Chap 1, Figueroa, Abdala (Cuba), Whore’s Daughter, Town’s Queen, The Faces of the Devil, Without you, with you, Miyoi the bear, No chucho pie for dinner tonight, Guardians of the water, Dudamel (Venezuela), From the Coffee Plantation to French Tumba (Haiti/Cuba), Sound, Sound, Tite Curet, Eyeri, a Musician with Magic (Puerto Rico), Tropic of Blood (Dominican Republic), Mas Man (Trinidad and Tobago), and Bad Friday: Rastafari After Coral Gardens (Jamaica).

Films featured in the Special Program for the 40th Anniversary of Independence of The Bahamas include Black Soul (Haiti/Canada), Roble de Olor, Elipidio Valdes (Cuba), Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North (USA), Catch A Fire, Art Naif (Barbados/U.K.), The 70’s, Memories of the Revolution (Trinidad and Tobago).

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