Anuschka Wright – Miss Globe Canada Pageant
By Ida Butler
Aug 22, 2018 - 5:04:53 PM

Anuschka Wright – Miss Globe Canada Pageant 2018

Nassau, Bahamas - Celebrated jazz vocalist Anuschka Wright, producer of the awe-inspiring local concert series “Jazz In Bloom” continues to take the world by storm. The talented songstress recently participated in The Miss Globe Canada pageant held this past Saturday, August 18th in Toronto, Canada. It was fate that lead her to be scouted out and approached one day as she casually awaited her friend at Starbucks in Montreal, the current city where she resides.

Anuschka was one of 14 beautiful young women of various races, ages and backgrounds in the running for the title of Miss Globe Canada.  Anuschka won the individual award of “Miss Talent” for her undeniably brilliant performance of “Losing My Mind” from the musical “The Follies.” The performance left audience members teary eyed and simply starstruck.

It has now been two years since Ms. Wright graduated with her degree in Jazz from Concordia University in Montreal and one year since the release of her first EP Album titled “Jazz for Sale.” Now with her exemplary performance in this recent pageant, it is no wonder fans are left in excited anticipation for what lies next for the jazz flower in full bloom, Anuschka Wright.

Slide show: Anuschka Wright – Miss Globe Canada Pageant 2018

Anuschka Wright -- Miss Globe Canada - with ecort

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