Mortimer candidly explores life-defining experiences in new podcast Looking Deep
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Jan 29, 2021 - 10:05:49 AM

Looking Deep- Award-winning filmmaker Kareem Mortimer explores life-defining experiences in a new podcast titled, Looking Deep. Pictured Kareem Mortimer,. Photo credit: Kareem Mortimer.

●       Twenty-minute, interview-style episodes hosted by Kareem Mortimer

●       Candidly explores intimate subject matter, including sexuality, religion, surrogacy, human trafficking, and more

●       Aftershow featuring Mortimer and co-host Julia Woolley Chatwin dissecting each episode

Nassau, Bahamas - Award-winning Bahamian filmmaker Kareem Mortimer announces the launch of Looking Deep, a podcast that intimately explores life-defining experiences from a diverse group of guests from around the world. The first two episodes will be released February 2, 2021 on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Each 20-minute episode is complemented by an aftershow where Mortimer and co-host Julia Woolley Chatwin dissect the discussion and share their takeaways.

Through the podcast, Mortimer delves into a range of subject matters. In each interview, he unobtrusively navigates his guest on a path to unveil how the human desires for happiness, fulfillment, and acceptance underpin a wide range of actions. What results are engaging dialogues that provide access to a fascinating world that may or may not be far removed from the listener's reality.

Julia Woolley Chatwin

From stories celebrating iconic characters in blockbuster classics to those delving into the miry aspects of human existence, Mortimer maintains that Looking Deep provides a "no judgment platform with the hope that by learning about others' truths, we get a deeper understanding of ourselves."

  •     In Looking Deep’s first episode, Jodi Hardy, a mother of six who gifted Mortimer's own family with two children through surrogacy, considers her motivations to carry life for two almost strangers. She shares the emotional weight of carrying a child whom she will ultimately give away, which she describes as "the most intense babysitting experience ever."
  •     In another episode, Looking Deep explores human trafficking and imprisonment through Billy Roberts' eyes. Roberts, a convicted human trafficker, was arrested in 2010 by US coast guards during a failed attempt to transport Haitian nationals from Abaco to the United States.
  •     In the interview with iconic Grease co-star Jamie Donnely, the veteran actress shares her early motivations and experiences in acting, coaching, and writing. She describes why she now prefers lending her talent to independent films and creatives over the big and silver screens' competitive culture.
  •     Actor, former air force scientist, and sex worker Christian Patrick explores sexuality in a candid conversation about his upbringing and the series of events that led him to find and express his sexual freedom.
  •     Writer and poet Tanicia Pratt discusses religious identity and her experience converting from a Jehovah’s Witness to Islam in a predominantly Christian and patriarchal society.
“The power of storytelling to incite action and even shift culture is undeniable. I’ve primarily executed storytelling through film, so it’s exciting to explore the world of podcasts and connect with a local and international audience this way,” shared Mortimer.  “Our guests have all had incredibly interesting life experiences, and the way they share these events so transparently, I hope helps to broaden perspectives and illuminate truth for the listeners.”

New episodes of Looking Deep will be released every Tuesday. For more information, please visit

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