New Music – ‘Goin’ Down On Bay’ Julien Believe ft. Angelique Sabrina
By Yolanda Hanna
Aug 2, 2018 - 3:15:24 PM

Slide Show: New Music – ‘Goin’ Down On Bay’ Julien Believe ft. Angelique Sabrina

This summer singer-songwriter and producer Julien Believe has been in overdrive touring throughout the United States promoting his first release on Island Vybzz Records. ‘Jump and Wine’ ft. Angelique Sabrina and DJ Natty Rico from France. The song has proven itself to be an incredible high-energy hit at performances in LA, Miami, Boston and New York and now Believe is amping up his momentum with his new song ‘Goin Down On Bay’. ‘Goin Down On Bay’ is an ode to Junkanoo, the biggest Bahamian festival of the year, held on the biggest stage in The Bahamas in the heart of the capital city of Nassau on world famous Bay Street.

The powerful instrumentation in the opening of ‘Goin’ Down On Bay’ tells the story: fast and driving horns with drums and pumping beats preceding the electrifying vocals of Believe and Angelique Sabrina. The two have paired once again to paint the picture of this ultimate Bahamian cultural expression that converges religiously on Bay Street every year to enthrall crowds of spectators from all over the world.


Persons got an opportunity to party with Julien Believe and Angelique Sabrina during the recent filming of the song’s music video which was shot on location in Parliament Square, Bay Street.

Anyone who has experienced the explosiveness of Junkanoo fully understands the message of the song, for those who have not, Believe and Sabrina say it succinctly: it all goes down out on Bay!

‘Goin’ Down On Bay’ available on all music platforms 08.03.18.

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