New Television Show Guides Viewers Through the Unseen Parts of the Caribbean
Dec 8, 2016 - 11:59:47 AM

“Secrets of the Caribbean” takes a Deeper Dive into the Culture, History and People of the Caribbean

Washington, DC – Caribbean 2020 Productions in partnership with Mississippi Public Television will debut a unique travel show called “Secrets of the Caribbean” in April 2017. The 13- episode first season will launch an in-depth exploration into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Co-hosted and guided by veteran journalist and talk show host, Angela Rae and award winning, nationally known journalist and news anchor Antonio Mora the 30-minute show will explore the Caribbean that few know and even fewer see.

“For tourists, the destinations in the Caribbean are irresistible ports of call., says show Creator and Executive Producer Tom Jacobs, “But there is so much more to this exotic region that most visitors never experience. “Secrets of the Caribbean” would like to change that”
In addition to episodes that take the viewer on a journey to the hidden gems and little known history of individual locations; “Secrets of the Caribbean” will feature special topics like Carnival Celebrations, cuisine and the rum and sugar trade that are common across the region.

“Secrets of the Caribbean” will also offer free destination resources and travel tips via the website and social media to assist viewers in exploring the Caribbean beyond the show. The show will air on more than 100 public television stations throughout the U.S.

About Caribbean 2020 Productions

Caribbean 2020 is the production vehicle for “Secrets of the Caribbean” and is led by television pioneer Tom Jacobs.  Tom is a television veteran of over 40 years with extensive experience in national, international and local news broadcasting and as a producer of award winning documentaries for commercial and public television.


About Mississippi Public Television

Known as Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) since 2003 when Mississippi ETV and Public Radio in Mississippi (PRM) merged, the organization has been a leader in informational broadcasting. Through our award-winning productions, our educational resources, and our acclaimed hurricane coverage and response operation, MPB has exhibited a commitment to educating and informing Mississippians.

MPB has always been at the cutting edge. Whether as Mississippi’s first statewide broadcast system or as the first to complete the conversion to digital technology, MPB has remained ahead of the curve.

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