Video release for "More Luv" by Mr. J, Deacon Culture, and Golden Fox - January 8th
By Heike Wollenweber, AXES Media
Jan 6, 2010 - 3:21:48 PM


Nassau, Bahamas - Bahamian Reggae artistes Mr J, Deacon Culture and Golden Fox have teamed up for the song "More Luv" and shot a video to be released on January 8th at New Life Christian Centre on Prince Charles Drive.

Mr J, who is Haitian and grew up in the Bahamas has been into music since 1996 and started to take it serious as an artiste in 2003. Mr J linked up with DJ Evangelist, the founder of I Toronto, Canada and the young artiste made his international debut in Toronto at “Son Splash”.


Deacon Culture is a Jamaican who has been living in The Bahamas for the past eight years. Deacon Culture has been in the music since the days of Brigadier Jerry and has performed with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Yellowman. He is an old school DJ and chanter but had taken a break from the music scene for sometime. Now Deacon Culture s back in the business. He has once more emerged with a messages of hope, life and consciousness.


Golden Fox, like Mr.J, has been around from'96 and partnered with Mr.J to write their first single "Hard Road", which never was released due to various challenges. Golden Fox is Bahamian and proves his name with his cool silky voice comparable to Sanchez and Wayne Wonder.


The video for the new collaboration “More Luv” was directed by Patrick “PM” Miller and produced by Bernard “Reborn” Hamilton. The video was shot in Nassau, Bahamas on Rolle Avenue and Peach Street.


The concept of the video is based on what “More Luv” means to the artistes. The idea for the song “More Luv” was born in a practice session which the artistes hold regularly to discuss this ever growing industry. The artistes discussed the concept of more love and as Mr J says “We then began to analyze what it means to have brotherly love and what kind of environment this kind of love would produce if it is put into practice on a day to day basis.” The song and video is all about spreading a message of love among human beings, bringing unity and peace despite differences in colour, language, culture and customs. About the song Mr J further says that “love is what we need and individually we all need to plant the good seeds that will grow a harvest of tenderness, flowing from person to person, thus bringing healing to the many ailing and putrefying relationships among us. This is "More Luv".”



Director: Patrick "PM" Miller
Country: Bahamas
Running Time: 04:13
Production Company:  Reborn Productions
Song Title: More Luv
Artist: Mr. J, Deacon Culture, & Golden Fox   


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