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Mission : Impossible - Fallout - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Aug 4, 2018 - 9:11:07 PM


Mission : Impossible - Fallout

The best parts of all the previous films masterfully plotted in an action masterpiece filled with gasp inducing thrills.

Some Missions Are Not A Choice.

After a mission goes awry, an operative for a top-secret government organization must rally his team in a race against time to recover components that could be used to make weapons of mass destruction. As the team goes about their business of fixing their mistake, they must deal with an operative from the parent organization of their division monitoring their activities and reporting their actions to a superior.

Ethan Hunt is the field leader of an Impossible Missions Force team that has lost three plutonium cores to a terrorist group of former spies known as The Apostles and must now take extreme measures to get them back. Alan Hunley is the present IMF Secretary dealing with the ramifications of Ethan’s failure as he tries to assure his new boss that the IMF has matters firmly in hand. White Widow is a black market arms dealer working on a deal for a mysterious asset in Europe with her brother Zola who happen to be the children of the notorious broker Max. Erica Sloane is the new Director if the Central Intelligence Agency who has doubts about Ethan’s loyalty to the organization due to the amount of times he has been disavowed. August Walker is an assassin for the CIA’s Special Activities Division, who specializes in killing members of The Apostles, tasked with monitoring Ethan’s IMF team.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the sixth entry for the franchise with some of the most eye-popping stunt work of the series thus far. When you watch the tense combat scenes, you feel like you are right there with the fighters dodging blows and throwing kicks & punches with fine-tuned attention. The cast gives this production 110% with their performances in a way that holds your awareness for the duration of the 147 minute running time, thus giving each scene a sense of freshness. Christopher McQuarrie becomes the first director to direct two films in the franchise and is able to build on the foundation he set up in his first directing effort in this movie series as he also wrote both installments. Lorne Balfe composed a score that pairs well with the action on screen, but I must admit to being disappointed that Imagine Dragons’ "Friction" was nowhere to be found in the film as it was used in the trailer. This is easily one of the best films of the Summer of 2018 and works as an evolution of the Ethan Hunt gospel in the Mission: Impossible cinematic bible. I rate this a rating of 4 &1/2 out of 5.

This is where I mention something after or before the movie, but on this occasion I just want to note the Henry Cavill mustache issue. When he had to go back to do reshoots for Justice League he was under contract not to shave and so part of the reason his Superman/Clark Kent/Kal El looked so off at times in that movie was due to the fact that the effects team not only had to remove his mustache but also a very healthy 5 o’clock shadow. The funny thing is that the production of this M: I 6 film ended up shutting down for 8 weeks anyway due to Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while executing a stunt (which was kept in the movie.)

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Mission : Impossible - Fallout

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