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Transformers - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Dec 23, 2018 - 12:08:14 PM



Their War. Our World.

The battle between two warring factions of a robotic race continues on an alien planet. A young inhabitant of the planet is thrust into the war when it is discovered that he hold information to the location of a power source hidden on his planet generations before he was born.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It is proof that sometimes the memory of something makes that thing better than it really was. With that said I have to to admit I had my doubts about Transformers. There was the poster of Megatron with the word Destroy on it and the one of Optimus Prime with the word Protect. There was the Planet and the robotic eye with the words Their War Our World. The hype was crazy and the fact that Michael Bay was in the driver’s seat and decided to change Bumblebee from a vw bug to a chevy camaro because of Herbie:Fully Loaded was reason to worry. Then there is the whole Allspark plot and the fact that Spike was now called Sam and it is time to go into nerd alert.

Well, maybe Michael Bay has grown as a director or the fact that Steven Spielberg was one of the producers made a difference. This movie is a great mix of humor, action and special effects. You hear the collective geek-gasm the first time Optimus transforms and speaks. There is no doubt that this is a Summer popcorn movie, but I don't care because it is so awesome. The take on it is very modern and even though the show and toyline are from the 80's there is no doubt that this is a 21st century movie. The actors are all on point and they give honest performances that helps you suspend your disbelief if you are someone who was too old or too young to be into the craze the first time around. I've already watched it 3 times, so go out there and see what's more than meets the eye as I rate this a rating of 4 out of 5.

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