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A Mouth Full goes #IntheKitchenwithBran
Apr 1, 2016 - 11:24:03 AM


Nassau, Bahamas - While pots across the country are being stirred like mad, we decided to do a little political pot-stirring of our own...but in a very different way!

This week on A Mouth Full, Dre goes in the kitchen with father, husband, politician, and yes...Chef Branville McCartney!

In this segment Branville McCartney has invited us into his home to whip up some dishes. Bran says he's the only one that cooks in his home, and he sees cooking as a stress release. His favourite meal to cook is crab and rice.

Watch as Bran, with his son as a helper, cooks up some McCartney family favourites, vegetable fried rice,  pan-seared sea bass,  homemade Caesar salad, and French coconut pie is on the menu for dessert!

Rusty from Bristol Cellars suggests a Pinot Noir for this meal, by Napa Cellars from the Napa Valley of California.

Click PLAY for another awesome adventure in taste!

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A Mouth Full is the first of its kind in Bahamian television, entertaining and educating Bahamians and visitors alike about the variety and complexity of the food landscape here in our 700 island archipelago. A Mouth Full's host, Dre visits local restaurants, take-aways, ‘holes in the wall’, and households to taste, try and create all the foods available here in the country. New episodes (10 mins. each) of A Mouth Full are released every 2 weeks on a Thursday online, and the show also airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CABLE 12. Each season offers 8 episodes and we have 2 seasons each year. A Mouth Full is produces by IKONZ Media and is sponsored by Bristol Wines and Spirits, BTC, Islandbreak. Promotional sponsors include The Bahamas Weekly, Bahamas Local, and Bahamian or Nuttin.

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