Bahamas holidays for 2011‏
Jul 20, 2011 - 2:28:07 PM

Cabinet Office

               The following days will be observed as Public BahamianHolidays during the Year 2011:

New Year’s Day          3 January                  (Monday)

Good Friday               22nd April                  (Friday)

Easter Monday           25th April                  (Monday)

Labour Day                3rd   June                  (Friday)

Whit Monday             13th June                  (Monday)

Independence Day      11th July                  (Monday)

Emancipation Day       1st August              (Monday)

*Discovery Day            14th October           (Friday)

Christmas Day             26th December       (Monday)

**Boxing Day               26th December       (Monday)

Since the Discovery Day Holiday, 12th October, falls on a Wednesday, it will automatically be observed on the Friday.

** Christmas Day Holiday will automatically be observed on Monday, 26th.  As a result, it will be decided at a later date whether or not another day will be extended in lieu of Boxing Day.

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