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Bahamas 3-Day Weather Forecast for Tues., April 23
By Wayne Neely, Bahamas Meteorology Department
Apr 23, 2019 - 10:00:05 AM

Bahamas 3-day public forecast

This is the Bahamas 3-day public forecast for today and tonight, tuesday, 23rd April, 2019.

General situation: A quasi-stationary front near the Southeast Bahamas is expected to dissipate later today while a high pressure ridge slowly builds in its wake.

Special warnings: Beachgoers should be alert for the moderate risk of rip current and dangerous surf mainly along North and east coast beaches in the Northwest and Central Bahamas.

Area: Northwest & Central Bahamas

Weather: Variable cloudiness, with the chance of showers mainly in the vicinity of the front. Elsewhere, fair and mild.

Advisory: Small craft should continue to exercise caution across the Central Bahamas. Boaters should be alert for gusty winds and higher seas in or near heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Winds: Northeast at 10 to 15 knots in the Northwest Bahamas, and Northeasterly at 15 to 20 knots in the Central Bahamas.

Seas: 2 to 4 feet over the Northwest Bahamas, and 4 to 6 feet in the Central Bahamas.

Area: Southeast Bahamas

Weather: Cloudy at times with the chance of isolated showers.

Winds: East-Northeast to east-Southeast at 10 to 15 knots over open waters.

Seas: 2 to 4 feet over the ocean.

Daytime high temperature: 82 °f / 28°c
Overnight low temperature: 72°f / 22°c

Sunrise: 6:41 am Tue.
Sunset: 7:34 pm Tue.
Moonset: 9:14 am Tue.
Moonrise: 11:57 pm Tue.

High tide: 10:37 am
Low tide: 4:42 pm
High tide: 11:04 pm Tue.
Low tide: 5:35 am Wed.

Forecast for Wednesday

Weather: Partly cloudy with the chance of brief showers.
Winds: East to Southeast 10-15 knots.
Seas: 2 to 4 feet over the ocean.

Forecast for Thursday

Weather: Partly sunny with the chance of few brief showers.
Winds: Southeast 10-15 knots.
Seas: 2 to 4 feet over the ocean

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