Grand Bahama
Shark conservationists visit Grand Bahama school
Oct 10, 2012 - 11:41:18 PM


West End, Bahamas -
On Monday, October 8th, shark conservationists Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake spent some time with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders at the West End Primary School in Grand Bahama Island.

Morris and Brake are marine biologists who now both film professionally around the world. They spent a great deal of time at the Sharklab in Bimini, with Duncan acting as the media manager for 2.5 years. Together they run a media company called Oceanicallstars, which creates media that focuses on ocean conservation and what people can do to help our oceans.

Although work keeps them traveling most of the time, they love visiting classrooms to speak with kids about sharks. Sharks have a bad reputation, but are vital for the survival of our oceans. The Bahamas recently established a shark sanctuary and it is important for the next generation to understand how they can make sure that The Bahamas and our oceans always have sharks.

Many times children think they are too young or too small to do anything, but we all how a voice no matter how young or old we are. Kids are powerful in the movement to make change, so giving them the tools and knowledge to speak up with is necessary. They have an unrivaled energy and enthusiasm and truly are the future of our oceans.  Kids in the Bahamas are lucky because the ocean is their, “backyard,” and they can explore it with relative ease.

“ There is nothing like the smiles and the stories that children want to share about sharks. I am always surprised at how much they actually know and their capacity to really love these animals, “ says Morris.

Morris and Brake are making plans to speak at the some of the other schools on the island in the near future. and

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