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Children’s environmental book author visits Grand Bahama Island
Jan 11, 2016 - 2:16:48 PM


Freeport, The Bahamas - On January 8th, 2015, EARTHCARE brought Cameron S. Ulyate, children’s environmental book author to Grand Bahama Island to share his work with schools and the EARTHCARE Eco Kids. Cameron addressed the Primary students of St. Paul’s Methodist College first. The students were enthralled to hear about the series, Seasons. In the book, twelve-year-old Winter is starting to believe she might be going crazy. It seems like every other way she looks, she’ll see soup cans and plastic bags form into monsters to terrorize her. But when Winter discovers that she and her three siblings were born from Mother Nature, everything is about to change. Winter’s evil relatives have kidnapped her little sister Spring and are using Spring as bait to bring Winter to Yellowstone National Park.

Gail Woon, Founder of EARTHCARE and a Director of Save The Bays was elated to be able to bring Cameron from Los Angeles, California to interact with and teach the EARTHCARE Eco Kids.

C.S. Ulyate (Cameron) grew up in California. As a kid, he could be found climbing mountains or kayaking in the ocean when he had free time from acting rehearsals. As an author, he loves writing about adventures that he never read as a kid. And he loves to break the rules. Who said wizard pirates can't ride mechanical dinosaurs? In the past, Cameron worked with an AAR literary agent on multi-media marketing. He has also worked for several acting agencies and promoted environmental ad campaigns.

According to Woon, “This has been an action packed 3 days. Cameron landed in Freeport and went directly to St, Paul’s Methodist College where he and Gail Woon were welcomed by Mrs. Lyn Glinton, the Principal. Cameron showed the Primary students and teachers illustrations of the characters in the Seasons series. A lively question and answer session ensued.

From St. Paul’s, it was on to LIS (Lucaya International School). Cameron spoke about his work on the Pacific Garbage Patch and his role with Algalita in California. Algalita does research on the Pacific Garbage Patches and does educational Outreach.”

After this presentation Cameron presented his work and experiences in getting his book published to a rapt audience at a public meeting held at the Kevin Tonlinson Academy. Participants learned an amazing amount of knowledge of the ins and outs of the publishing world.

Collage from l to r: Mr. Oil, a character from Seasons, the book series by Cameron Ulyate, children’s environmental book author; Lady Coral, a character from Seasons, the book series by Cameron Ulyate, children’s environmental book author;Cover of the book, Seasons by Cameron S, Ulyate and Captain Coal, a character from Seasons, the book series by Cameron Ulyate, children’s environmental book author.

Then came Saturday, the culmination and the real reason for his to Grand Bahama. Cameron met the EARTHCARE Eco Kids and after an educational presentation, went to Williams Town Beach where he and the EARTHCARE Eco Kids cleaned the beach of pollution in the form of Marine Debris. Gail Woon explained the importance of the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day that EARTHCARE has bee involved with for the past 28 years.

Camerov Ulyate remarked, "I am so thankful for the opportunity to help out with the EARTHCARE Ecokids. I’m all in for teaching about the environment! I like to take complex environmental topics and simplify them into stories through my children's book series Seasons. In the past, I had a chance to live in Costa Rica for two months to study a coral reef in a remote area between Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as general marine biology. I really enjoy the content you post on EARTHCARE. It makes it easier to research topics to write about for both Seasons and in environmental science with an emphasis in hydrology at the California State University of Chico. The four Seasons, Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring who are on a journey to find Mother Nature, and use their supernatural abilities to fight against Pollution. Miss Plastic and Lady Coral were designed to reflect their pollutants and destruction. I thank you again for allowing me to become part of EARTHCARE."

The EARTHCARE Eco Kids were diligent during their beach cleanup. EARTHCARE would like to thank our sponsors, American Airlines, Kevin Tomlinson Academy, Pelican Bay Resort, and the parents/guardians who without their support this programme would not be possible. For more information about the EARTHCARE Eco Kids programme contact Gail Woon, or call 727-0797.

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