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NYC Comedy Club Delivers Twice the Laughs in Its Second Year
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Mar 18, 2010 - 8:50:23 AM

Left to right: MC from The Bahamas Trevor Russell and the three headliners Russ Meneve, Ray Ellin, and Ricardo Aleman at the Treasure Bay Casino. Photo: The Bahamas Weekly

Freeport, Grand Bahama - The NYC Comedy Club delivered twice the laughs this year with two shows at The Cove, Treasure Bay Casino on March 12th and 13th and is now destined to become an annual event. The funny men, all headliners from New York city traveled to Grand Bahama Island to support the GB Performing Arts Society.

Returning from last year was Ricardo Aleman, brother of the founder and president of the society, Dalia Feldman, along with two new faces to The Bahamas, Russ Meneve and Ray Ellin.

Comedian Ray Ellin who hosts 'LateNet with Ray Ellin' performing at the NYC Comedy Club at Treasure Bay Casino Photo: The Bahamas Weekly

Comedian Ray Ellin, who has been honoured as one of the “Ten Standout Stand-Ups Worth Watching” by Back Stage magazine rocked Friday night's show when he began talking with one in the front row who was in recent news involving tuna fishing efforts.  Ellin asked him his occupation and the audience roared with laughter. With such a reaction from the audience Ellin kept going back with more questions, obviously intrigued and curious as to who this man was in the front row. Each time he dug deeper the audience went even more crazy with laughter.

"Is he like a local mobster?" was one question from Ray Ellin. Later after seeing the twin brother seated nearby, Ellin put two-and-two together, as with the tuna fishing story being such recent top news he had heard mention of it during his short visit. He finally said, "There's something fishy going on here..." and left it at that as the audience roared with more laughter.

"I had a blast doing the shows in Grand Bahama, and best of all it was for a great cause.  The crowds were fun and smart and enthusiastic. And of course I had a pretty interesting experience during Friday night's show (laughs). Everyone was friendly and our hotel was terrific.  I loved swimming with the dolphins and para-sailing; and the food was even better than I thought it would be.  I can't wait to go back to Freeport for more shows and fun!" said Ellin.

Persons wishing to keep up with Ellin can go to his website or watch the critically acclaimed  comedy variety show 'LateNet with Ray Ellin' on

Both Aleman and Meneve delivered their own unique brand of comedy which was greatly received and appreciated by the audience.

Comedian Russ Meneve

Russ Meneve who made his debut on The Tonight Show with rave reviews by Jay Leno is a regular performer at New York's top comedy clubs and is a founder of the "New York Comedians Coalition" supporting the over 300 NYC comedians had this to say, "Performing at this event was amazing! The Bahamian people are so fun, an absolute pleasure!"

Ricardo Aleman, the youngest of the visiting comedians and webmaster for the comedy specific social networking website said, "It was great to be back again this year and support such a worthy cause, and I am excited that this has become an annual event.  My nephews are very fortunate to be studying 2 different musical instruments each. I never had that opportunity growing up. It's great to be able to give opportunities like that to kids that wouldn't have them other wise."

Comedian Ricardo Aleman performing at the 2010 NYC Comedy Club at Treasure Bay Casino Photo: The Bahamas Weekly

"Last year, the bar was set so high with our first trio of funny guys, and this year was no disappointment! It was such a thrill to see the room packed with people thoroughly enjoying themselves. That is what makes us want to keep doing what we do. We had so much fun with Rick, Ray and Russ and I am so grateful to them for donating their time to our cause. They are all great guys with generous hearts, "  said Dalia Feldman.

The Society also wishes to thank the following: Treasure Bay Casino for the donation of the venue; Pelican Bay Hotel for the wonderful accommodations for our comedians; for sponsoring all of the publicity (stay tuned for the video highlights and interviews with the comedians); American Airlines for discounted airfares; Trevor Russell, our M.C. for the weekend; Agave, Cappuccino's and the Garden Cafe for providing meals; Butler's Specialty and Italian Specialty Imports for donation of snacks and beverages for the hotel rooms; Olivia Dorsett for all the graphic design; Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty for sponsoring our radio spots; Nesbitt Rentals for donating tables; Freeport Advertising for the donation of printing and posters; and our ticket depots, The Seventeen Shop and Italian Specialty Imports.

As the Society continues its pledge to encourage a wide-range of art forms on the island they are pleased to present Naturally 7, the American male a Capella style music group will appear at the Bishop Michael Eldon Auditorium on May 1st. The group specializes in what they call "Vocal Play", where each of them used their voices in unison to recreate a different musical instrument from drums to brass instruments to guitars. There are no instruments used in their music, but you would never know it without seeing it. Stay tuned for ticket information.

The Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society was created to bring professional artists and performers from around the world to audiences in Grand Bahama. Drawing from Bahamian and international talent, a number of performances are planned throughout the year. Proceeds are used for the advancement of Grand Bahama students of the performing arts.

Join the Society: In addition to contributing directly to this success, Membership entitles you to Advance Notice of Events, special “Members Only” Events, as well as Discounts at participating GBI restaurants.

Complete one of the Forms  (below), and either drop it (with your cheque or cash): The Mail Drop on Mall Drive (attention: Dalia Feldman)

Individual           $25

Family               $50

Sponsoring        $75

Patron               $100

Corporate          $500+ 


At the base of this article is a Member Registration Form or Corporate Sponsor Form to download.

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A second night of comedy was added to the NYC Comedy Club this year. Dalia Feldman, Founder and President of the Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society thanks the comedians, crowd and sponsors on stage at the Treasure Bay Casino. Photo: The Bahamas Weekly

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