Grand Bahama
Over 100 Florida High School Volunteers Give Back in Grand Bahama
By Lucas Metropulos, Lend a Hand Bahamas
Jun 16, 2017 - 2:01:26 PM


Freeport, Bahamas - This past week from June 10 to 14th, over 100 Florida high school students who just recently graduated came to Freeport to celebrate their graduation; however, they did more than just celebrate.

Over the course of four days from 10 am-2 pm each day the students volunteered through the Bahamian nonprofit Lend a Hand Bahamas who coordinated with the YMCA in Freeport and the Grand Bahama Children's Home to assist in projects including painting, cleaning, and debris removal.

The students were brought to The Bahamas through a travel company called S-Trip! who partnered with Lend a Hand Bahamas to make these projects a reality.

A bulk of the supplies were donated by Lesley Davies-Baptista and her company Paint Fair in Freeport and S-Trip! also graciously contributed towards the effort.




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