Grand Bahama
EARTHCARE Eco Kids of Grand Bahama learn about Sustainable Fisheries
By Gail Woon
Jan 26, 2016 - 10:46:03 PM

David Rose, veteran commercial fisherman presents to the EARTHCARE Eco Kids at the Kevin Tomlinson Academy.

Freeport, The Bahamas - Gail Woon, founder and director of EARTHCARE and a director of Save The Bays, “On January 23rd, 2016, the topic for the EARTHCARE Eco Kids was Sustainable Fisheries. David Rose, veteran commercial fisherman of 40+ years addressed the EARTHCARE Eco Kids at the Kevin Tomlinson Academy.

David spoke about Man’s Effect on Nature by the unrestricted use of light and sound, over fishing the Little Bahama Bank, the use of National Parks and enforcement, the passing of laws on sharks and turtles when they should be passing laws on lobster fishing, limiting the season, protecting large lobster of 5 lbs+ as breeders.”

David Rose addresses the EARTHCARE Eco Kids on Sustainable Fisheries.

According to Rose, “There is no question that light and sound are affecting nature. We had a planet that used to be quiet and dark at night that is now lit up everywhere, lights and lighted highways affect the migrations of animals, birds and most likely in a negative way. Sound is similarly prevalent and has a detrimental effect especially in the oceans, the ship noise created by engines and sonar testing.

Over the last 50 years, fishing on the Little Bahama Bank has increased and with the addition of new technologies e.g. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), underwater breathing apparatus, and the unfettered use of man-made lobster habitats/shelters, these increasingly efficient fishing methods have depleted the Little Bahama Bank past the point of commercial endangerment.

The use of National Parks throughout The Bahamas can and will increase fish stocks, however, only if proper enforcement and management is applied. Passing of laws on sharks and turtles in The Bahamas, while it was a step in the right direction, Government should consider passing laws on lobster fishing, shortening the fishing season length and protecting lobster over 5 lbs as breeders.” A lively question and answer session ensued.

Angelina Rahming, EARTHCARE Eco Kids Team Leader presents David Rose, speaker with the new EARTHCARE Eco Kids Tshirt designed by Nathanael Smith, EARTHCARE Eco Kid.

David Rose remarked, "It’s a shame that the weather did not allow us to go on our field trip on the glass bottom boat but the children were very interested to learn about the environmental challenges that are facing The Bahamas. We are the first species on the planet that can really solve problems and I think the future is bright for the human race and the planet."

Gail Woon gave a brief presentation on Marine Resources and the Environment of The Bahamas. She explained the waste management problems that we face. In addition, she detailed the wholescale mangrove destruction that has been allowed in the country as well as gave an overview of massive environmental destruction in Bimini.

EARTHCARE would like to thank our sponsors, Kevin Tomlinson Academy, and the parents/guardians who without their support this programme would not be possible. For more information about the EARTHCARE Eco Kids programme contact Gail Woon, or call 727-0797.

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