Special Events
Island Hop - Day Two - Wow those Yachts!
By Robbin Whachell
Apr 12, 2007 - 4:58:17 PM


Day two of the Island Hop did have the attendees hopping! A busy schedule with a super lunch at the Ferry House. Along route to the restaurant by boat, Veronica from UNEXSO stopped by on her Dolphin walk to show off local dolphins to the visitors.  After lunch a jewelry show took place, and the big event for the day was the Yacht Hop. What is a yacht hop?

Well... ten yachts participated in this wonderful event. Each yacht [Miss Michelle, Lady Susan, Dorothy Ann, Kelly Sea, Bananas, Atlantica, Purely Pleasure, and Riva] prepared a mixed drink (sponsored by Cane Rum) and  appetizers. The ten yachts were judged on best drink, best appetizers and best presentation. The big bonus was being able to check out the yachts!

There was a Junkanoo Rush-out along the docks and the evening ended with a party on the Shadow Marine's 165' Mystere - the vessel to carry all the yachter's toys (and then some!).  Dancing, pingpong playing, specialty drinks and l iqueurs or a freshly rolled-right-there, Cuban cigar.

A delightful end to the evening were surprise fireworks in the distance....


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