Grand Bahama Labyrinth
Joie de Noël at GB Labyrinth, December 21st
Dec 21, 2010 - 5:11:58 PM

The cast of Joie de Noel at rehearsal on the Grand Bahama Labyrinth. Left to right: James Roker, Dora Brown , Anthony Hanna, Dalia Feldman, Marjoke Twiest, Javan Hunt, Jackie Blower, and Nathaniel Lewis. Join them on Saturday for a truly unique Christmas musical experience. Photo: The Bahamas Weekly

Freeport, Bahamas - Joie de Noel set for Saturday, December 18th on the Grand Bahama Labyrinth at the Garden of the Groves has been postponed due to inclement weather. The new date is Tuesday, December 21st at 6:30pm.

An Anglo-Dutch production of beautiful music and singing by, with and for the Community!

Our glorious vocalists will be entertaining from the centre flower of the Labyrinth, each being supported by the group; and the audience will be seated all around the outer circle of the Sacred Place on the many benches we will have there in the Labyrinth Garden.

The theme will be simple and the lighting subdued, reminding us of the first Christmas.   The one blaze of light will be from our chosen Tree of Christmas, which this year will be Quan Yin's living, breathing lady Acacia, which will be adorned with hundreds of  twinkling lights and topped with the Christmas Star.
Garden members entrance is $5 and non-members is $10.

Everyone will be greeted with steaming hot Cocoa and Cookies, and be given Carol sheets and Candles for the community singing at the end of the presentation.

At Christmastime, the path of the Labyrinth symbolically represents the journey to the Holy City; thus our beautiful voices will be singing in celebration from that special place of the nativity.

Our Community singing will be augmented, this year, by some glorious choral accompaniments Marjoke has arranged!  This will be happy magical evening in celebration of Christmas with the focus on Love and Peace throughout the World. After, for those who wish, the evening could be capped off with a European-style 'après caroling supper' of hot meaty soup and an open sandwich at the Garden Cafe!  Just book with Julie on 242-374-7779

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